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What Happens in A Healing Crisis?

During this article I speak to you regarding the subject of ‘Spiritual Healing’ and to look into a 'Healing Crisis' and why this happens.

Let us first look at the basics to give you an understanding about 'Spiritual Healing'.

What is Healing?

Spiritual healing is when the medium (The Channel) opens up to their healing guides to allow the process of bringing balance back to the mind and spirit of the living through the transference of healing spiritual energy. Please note that I do not mention the ‘physical body’ here and that is because when a physical manifestation occurs it is purely a reflection of the dis-ease is which is present in the spiritual aspect of the person. As in ‘Shamanism’ they work on the restoring balance to the spiritual which consists of the mind, spirit and etheric body. A shaman will work on the spiritual aspect of the person who is suffering to bring balance once again as long as that is the correct path for the individual (We will look into this aspect more in the this article).

What is the mind, spirit and etheric body?

Let us consider first the etheric body and what that actually is. The etheric body is the energetic part of the human being which is eternal and it is this part which houses the mind and the soul, and continues on in the spiritual world after a physical death.

It is the ‘Etheric’ or energetic part of us which carries the DNA of the individual and in this way the character and personality of the person continues on in the world of spirit. The etheric body is a complete replica of the physical body, for example: we have etheric (energetic) hands, feet, legs, torso, fingers, toes, head and internal organs. The mind is the etheric counterpart of the brain.

So what happens when a person receives healing?

Before any healing can and should be administered the medium needs to ‘check in’ with their healing guides to ensure that it will be of benefit for the person to receive the healing. You may think this a strange statement. You may well be thinking that surely all people will benefit from healing and restoration of balance within their being. However, this is not always the case. I will explain.

When we incarnate into a physical body we will have our ‘Karma’ to work through during our life time. This karma will bring important life lessons for the individual (which we have already chosen before we incarnate) and will also ‘clear karma’ as it is worked through. This is why it is imperative that the ‘healer’ (the person who is acting as the channel for the spirit world) ‘checks in’ with their healing teams before taking the decision to administer healing. We do this to make sure that we are not ‘interfering’ with a ‘karmic lesson’ for the individual, which can be very disruptive for them and may interfere with them receiving their life teachings. We must never take away a persons right to receive their life lessons. It could be that their illness or dis-ease is part of their ‘Karmic’ teaching and by interfering or healing them at this time they will miss out on a very integral part of their souls purpose.

I know this may sound a little strange to you because you might say ‘why should any soul have to suffer’ however, sometimes that ‘suffering’ is part of the reason they have incarnated in this life time to receive powerful teachings which in turn enables the growth of the soul.

What happens in a healing crisis?

When a deep healing occurs, the dis-ease which may have been imbedded into the mind and soul of the individual for many months or ever years can trigger what is known as a ‘Healing Crisis’. Allow me to explain: when a women goes through nine months of gestation to produce a child the body goes through many internal and external changes. Once the child is born it can take around nine months for the body to re-adjust itself and return to a more pre-pregnancy state. The same law applies to the dis-ease one may have. The depth and duration of the healing will depend upon the duration and severity of the dis-ease. A long term deep dis-ease will take much longer to heal, and if the healing is deep it can trigger a ‘healing crisis’ as things appear to get much worse before they get better.

How to deal with a healing crisis.

When an individual experiences a healing crisis it is best to see it for what it is, and that is a gift from the spirit that a deep healing is occurring. The individual needs to maintain a positive train of thought and to administer some ‘self help’ during this process whatever that may be.

The ‘self help’ will be different for each individual and it is best to speak to your ‘healer’ to see what is being recommended for you. However, one of the most powerful ‘self help’ tools anyone can use is to have a clear understanding that they have indeed received a deep and powerful healing and it is nothing to worry about.

Seeing yourself has healthy and healed can also be very beneficial as the power of the mind is part of the healing process. For example: if someone goes into worry and fear about their ‘healing crisis’ and sees themselves as going through something terrible the Universe does not ‘discriminate’ (as in manifestation what we put out we receive back) and that is what they will receive more of. If a person is saying to themselves things such as ‘ oh no, what has happened I feel so bad’ and is focussing on the negative they will be reinforcing their discomfort and dis-ease, and as a consequence they will receive what they are sending out in their thoughts and speech. A positive frame of mind is essential. I hear you say that it is not easy to stay positive when one is in pain, which I know all too well (from personal experience) that this is not easy. However, some of the deepest lessons can be found when we experience our pain. If the pain is in the physical body it will be important to find some way to relieve it. I will share a personal story here.

I suffered for a couple of years with sciatica and pain in my legs. Nothing I did seemed to relieve the pain and discomfort until l discovered ‘Pilates”. I had tried every kind of treatment from acupuncture, healing and massage but nothing helped. I was at a loss as to what I needed to do. However, what had happened was that the pain occurred after doing some ‘Shakti’ work which had released some old trauma which I was holding on to. It took me a while to acknowledge this fact, and when I had the realisation I began to release the trauma and along with strengthening my inner core I was healed after a two year period. I still need to maintain the Pilates to keep my core strong but the pain has gone.

The pain was present in me to help me release the trauma, had I not had the pain I may have not been aware of the need to release the trauma which I had buried deep within.

To summarise

When a ‘healing crisis’ occurs consider the duration that you have had the dis-ease/discomfort for and accept that it may get worse before it gets better, but know that a deep healing has occurred and that this is indeed a gift.

Find methods which are best suited to you to relieve some of the discomfort. Meditation is a powerful tool. Sit in meditation and see yourself as well and healed and know that you are perfect as you are and that you are indeed receiving what it is that you need spiritually. Most things we receive in life are indeed a teaching and deep lesson.

There is always some positive to find in all situations if we look for it and stay positive in the knowledge that we are on our way to being where we are meant to be during our life path.

This is a huge subject, however, I have touched on the basics here and as always I endeavour to bring some basic understanding to the wonderful and ancient art of spiritual healing.

Love and blessings


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