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Saturday 19. October 2024
10am till 5pm
An in person seminar at Weston-super-Mare Spiritualist Church  

Who is this seminar suitable for?


  • Mediums who are already giving Private Sittings/Readings and would like to demonstrate their Mediumship publicly. 

  • Mediums who are already delivering public mediumship demonstrations and who wish to finesse and develop their demonstrations.

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What you will learn 

  • How to prepare yourself and your space for a demonstration of mediumship

  • Preparing the audience

  • Getting your link with the communicator 

  • Going Direct to the recipient in the audience 

  • Giving the communication

  • Presenting the evidence

  • How long should It take to deliver each communication 

  • Dealing with a 'No' 

  • Staying in your power 

  • How to deal with more than 1 communicator 

  • Do’s and Dont’s on platform

  • Finishing your platform demonstration  

About the Seminar 

When you have reached a certain point in your Mediumship you may wish to demonstrate this publicly to a live audience.  It can be a  challenge to know who you are with in the Spirit World and to know who you are with in the audience.


During this seminar I will be showing you ways to train so that you can go direct and know who is with you in the Spirit World and how to bring more evidential information during your communication.


It is the job of the medium to provide evidence of continued life, and we do this through delivering evidential information from the spirit communicator. 

Mediumship is giving the Spirit a voice by channelling messages from the Spirit to the living in a way that can be understood and known to be true. 

At times the medium will get it wrong and this can be the challenge of ‘Mental Mediumship’ where it is down to the perception of the medium. They might be shown images in their mind and misinterpret the information being given. However, this rarely happens with a well attuned and developed medium.

During this workshop we will cover some vital points which will help you during your platform demonstration so you can relax and really enjoy the communication from Spirit. 

To book now please see below. Once you have booked you will receive and email confirming your place and details about the seminar. 

About your Tutor 

louisa-sullivan-spiritual-medium .jpg
Spirit Medium 
Louisa Sullivan 

My passion is teaching and sharing the knowledge and experiences I have with others. 


I have gained thirty years experience working with all aspects of Spiritual Development from healing, psychic surgery, tarot, trance, physical mediumship, paranormal investigations, platform demonstrations and private sittings.


I have a ‘Teacher Training Certificate’ and I have also passed my award in ‘Speaking and Demonstrating’ with the ‘Spiritualist National Union’ (SNU). 


I am a published author and I have also written many articles for the ‘Psychic News’ magazine. I have been teaching intensively both on a mentoring and 1-2-1 basis and also in groups for over 10 years. 


As in all teaching we are simply sharing our experience and information learned over time with others to help them on their path and this is how I teach. I also work very closely with the Spirit World and I often channel as I teach which brings a different dimension to the quality of the teaching as it comes from the Spirit. 

To reserve your place now please click on the button below and you will be directed to the WSM Spiritualist Church where you can contact them directly to make your booking. 

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