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Awareness & Development Circles 

The Journey of Development 

The Journey of Spiritual Development 


During the old days many of our pioneers for the spirit would have begun their development by sitting in a circle called an ‘Awareness Circle’


During this time they would develop their psychic gifts and begin to create an awareness of things such as energy, the psyche, auric field, chakras, working with tools such as the cards, ribbons, sand, and many more to develop their abilities 


Once a person had sat in ‘Awareness’ for sometime and the tutor felt that they were ready to begin connection to the Spirit, they would then be invited into a ‘Development Circle’


In this circle they would develop their spiritual gifts and learn how to raise their vibrations and attune to the Spirit and the main focus is on Mediumship 


All this would take time and not all the people who sat in the Awareness Circle would be invited to go on to the Development Circle to develop spiritual gifts

During an awareness circle you will be working to develop your psychic gifts and we will work with many different spiritual exercises to achieve this

Please be aware that there are two different kinds of circles I run


An Awareness Circle 

A Mediumship Development Circle

You will be invited to attend the correct circle for you and this will depend upon your own unique  level of development 

Please see below for descriptions of the two different circles I offer  

 Awareness Circle 

In an awareness circle you will develop your psychic gifts. 


You will learn how to meditated and to focus the mind.  You will begin the process of connecting  to your inner-self, your high-self and tune into your own unique psychic abilities.


It will enable you to learn how to listen to your inner-voice by attuning to your intuition.

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Mediumship Development Circle 

During a Mediumship Development Circle you will learn how to attune to the spirit world, how to blend your energy with the spirit and tune into your own senses of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience to interpret the messages the spirit wish to bring.


You will learn how to become sensitive to the spirit world and how to sense their subtle energies

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