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What does it mean to be in Alignment

To be aligned with our inner spirit and the Spirit World we must first create awareness of our thoughts, words, deeds and actions. Thoughts of fear, doubt and anger will bring you out of alignment and create negative emotions which lower vibration. Positive thoughts create positive emotions which raise vibration. To be connected to our inner self and Spirit it is important that we develop a high vibrational frequency.   

When we have thoughts of love, peace, happiness kindness this will keep you aligned with the divine. It all starts with your thoughts so as much as you can be in thoughts of goodness, charity, love and compassion for yourself, for others and for all beings.

Ask yourself if you have respect for yourself and everything that the Great Spirit  creates in this beautiful world in which we live, honour your integrity and always be in truth. Work with detachment, having no attachment to results of your work in this way you will always be in alignment and working for the highest good of all.

Alignment means to be in your heart, and in the highest vibration possible in this matter world, the highest vibration is the vibration of love. It is about connecting to your own inner spirit and listening to your intuition.

When we move away from arrogance, hate, fear, and have the courage to always  speak the truth with love we will be in alignment with universal spiritual law.

There needs to be an awareness also of the universal law of 'cause and effect'. Everything you send out comes back to you. When you send out love you get love back when you send out hate it is hate which comes back to you.

Being aligned we will develop an awareness that we create our own world from our own inner self, this is such a simple but hard truth to fathom. It is almost as difficult for the human being to understand this fact as it is to understand the process of death. You think you die but you do not, you simply pass to another dimension which is not so different from this world but it is brighter and does not have the heaviness and the weight of the matter world in which you live now.

To be in alignment with the Great Spirit, God the source of a creation is one of the most beautiful states of consciousness that man can achieve. It’s a practice that is  not taught-in schools. We have been heavily conditioned by the 3-D material world and its heavy principles. To be In an alignment with the Great Spirit/ God Will take some time to establish within your being because we have to break through the conditioned response and beliefs which are so deeply ingrained within.

As you start to begin the practice of alignment to the Great Spirit, you will be presented with many tests and challenges and opportunities for you to practice. What do I mean when I say this? The 3-D reality, material world, and all the things which make up your physical world will test you. You may find things increasing in intensity.

You may begin to think that this is not good for you. This practice is not for you. This is too difficult. But when these thoughts come in allow them to leave your mind as quickly as they presented themselves and replacing with positive beautiful thoughts of love, peace, tranquility, and connection to the divine, it is but a test.

I can assure you that once you pass this test you will reap the benefits and find that the 3-D reality does not affect you emotionally as much as it did before. As you really begin to integrate this new practice of being in alignment, you will find an inner peace that you have never experienced before. You will develop a deep sense of contentment, and It may even bring tears to your eyes. This is our natural state. It is unnatural for us to be in fear, hate anxiety, worry or stress. It is natural for us to be in love, peace, harmony, contentment, joy and bliss. These are all natural states to the human being. However, we think that it is natural to be stressed and in anxiety and worry, but I can assure you that is very unnatural indeed.

Strive to achieve this and be in a state of peace, and you will be rewarded by finding much more happiness and contentment within your own life. You might find that there are some by products of this practice, and one them is that you find you put less importance upon things of a materialistic nature. You may start to want to be in more of a natural environment to be around nature, water, beautiful sceneries, and to eat pure and living foods and to simply be in peace.

Warmest Blessings

Louisa Sullivan

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