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Telepathy & Mediumship

Telepathy is receiving signals from Spirit both incarnate (embodied in human form - living) and discarnate spirit (a person not having a physical body). It is the transmission from one mind to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction.

The telepathic link is very strong between certain people such as a Mother and Child.

Some examples of Telepathy in action:

  1. Have you ever though of someone and they call you? Or you walk down the street and they are there?

How does Telepathy Happen?

When we consider the fact that we are a soul having a physical experience we know that the physical body is made of particles and about 99% of our body is made up of atoms such as hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.

Our 'etheric' or 'spirit body' is made up of energy and houses the mind, soul and the spirit.

It is our spiritual body which acts like an antenna which can receive the subtle waves in the universe. We are like radios. We have a bandwidth around us which has the ability to receive these waves.

A medium who has trained and attuned themselves to receive and interpret these waves and messages will be able to tune in to incarnate (Living people) to know their thoughts and feelings, and to discarnate (People in the spirit world) to bring their memories, thoughts and messages through to their loved ones who are still living.

How is this done?

The ‘Human Brain’ has an etheric counter part which we call the ‘Mind’. It is the mind which can receive the waves from spirit and when trained can interpret their meaning in a way which the living can understand and know to be true.

What is the difference between the mind and brain?

The Brain is the physical organ in the head which supports the functions of the mind.

The Mind enables our ability of think, feel and engage in physical activity. It is the Mind which makes up part of the 'etheric body' and will continue on after a physical death in its energetic form.

How does Telepathy work with the living?

When we connect with love and emotion to someone who we are sitting next to we can use our energy to connect with them and also to use our mind to send thought forms for them to receive. We can also pick up on emotions, feelings, images and thoughts coming from them.

How does this work in Telepathy and Mediumship?

The medium will attune to the spirit world. The discarnate spiritual loved one will attune to the mind of the medium and send a signal to impinge on the mind as a memory, thought etc. This signal lights up the mind of the medium and may use the faculty of clairvoyance to be able to see an image in their own minds eye. The medium then needs to work with their trained senses to interpret what this means or simply to relay what they are seeing or sensing to the recipient.

To receive these subtle vibrations and waves from the spiritual world the medium needs to be well attuned and open to receiving them. They need to be in a relaxed state of consciousness so that they are not blocked to what is being sent to them.

What can block a signal reaching the medium?

There are a variety of situations which can cause the signal to become blocked.

  1. It can be that the medium is not well attuned to the subtleties of the spiritual world or that they have not taken the time to attune to spirit prior to the sitting.

  2. It can be that the energy of the sitter is blocked and they are not open to receiving the information from spirit.

  3. Doubt can also block, if the medium is doubting what the spirit are relaying to them this will block the energetic communication, it will not work.

  4. If the sitter is expecting and only open to one person coming in from the spirit world this can block the communication from other spirit people.

  5. If the sitter asks the medium to find and communicate with one particular person this can bring the medium out of their flow and they go too much into their mind and this can bring them out of their power.

  6. If the medium tries to control what is coming from the spirit they may block the flow of information and connection will cease.

What happens to our loved ones when they pass? How will they come through to us when they have passed.. in what manner?

When we pass on we leave our physical body here in the world of matter and it is our energetic spiritual body which will pass on to the spiritual world. There is much more to this process but that is another lecture.

However, when we pass we take with us our memories, belief systems, mental attitudes, worries and fears. Basically ‘as we fall so we are’, which means that when we pass over we do not all of a sudden become angelic beings with different thoughts and beliefs, we are as we were before death in our minds.

The mindset continues after death. However what can change is that the discarnate spirit experiences the feeling of love so strongly in the spirit world that they can feel the influence which enlightens and changes the mindset the person had when alive in this world of matter.

When they come through on the vibration of love they may send messages to the living which may be slightly different in personality to the way they were when alive on this earth plane. For example: a Father who was cold and unemotional when alive may come through and want to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I am sorry’. As we know progress is available to every human soul and it is the ‘free will’ of the soul should they chose to progress or not.

How can the medium begin the process of attuning to the mind of incarnate and discarnate spiritual beings?

The first thing to achieve is to become a clear channel for the thought wave to impinge upon the subtle senses of the medium. How do we do this?

Learning to clear the mind. Take time every day to sit in silence and connect to your higher self. The mind can become cluttered and we need to clear it each day.

Meditation will clear the mind and the medium will learn to control the incessant chatter of the ‘monkey mind’ through the aspect of meditation.

There is no short cut for this it takes dedication and practice.


Louisa Sullivan

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