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About Louisa 

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I am a Spiritual Medium & Psychic from the UK with over twenty eight years experience.


My spiritual journey began as a child when I would receive strong premonitions about significant events in my life and the lives of others. I had many experiences as a child which I never understood then, but now they make perfect sense to me 


My Spiritual path is my passion, I have travelled the world teaching, healing, demonstrating, giving talks and lectures on spiritual development and mediumship


I began my spiritual work as a healer and I worked alongside a very well known ‘Psychic Surgeon’ where I gained much insight into the healing modality. I am a qualified Aromatherapist and incorporate healing with herbs as well as healing from the Spirit during my healing sessions. I believe that an ‘Holistic’ approach will achieve the greatest results when healing the individual. 


For many years I demonstrated in the Spiritual Churches which was a wonderful experience. During that time I delivered many inspirational talks on philosophy and provided much comfort to the bereaved through my demonstrations of mediumship which were delivered throughout the UK and Germany. 


I was also invited to demonstrate at ‘Olympia’ and from there I worked on Sky TV as a presenter on a psychic show. I did this for two years and found it a great experience and one which enabled me to really develop the psychic aspect of my work.


The Paranormal was always something which intrigued me, and I have worked alongside two ‘Paranormal Teams’ both in the UK and in Germany. I currently work with a paranormal team in Glastonbury. During this time I gained an incredible insight into the Paranormal world. During an investigation we would at times encounter a spirit person who had not moved on, and we would help them to gently access the spirit world. House cleansing was also an important part of my work which has brought many people much peace and harmony in their homes. 


As my experience and development grew I began to teach and share what I had learned with others who were wishing to develop their psychic and spiritual abilities. It felt right to start a home circle, which led to holding circles in the Spiritual Churches. From here events grew and I started to hold larger seminars on all aspects of Spiritual Development. I found that I naturally gravitated to the teaching aspect of my work, I had been a teacher for many years in a different arena and it came very naturally to me. This work lead me to travel to many countries and finally to settle for three years in Germany where I had a spiritual school. 


I have been sitting in circle for many years to develop the Trance aspect of mediumship both for others and for my own development .This has enabled me to develop a much stronger connection to the Spiritual World. I also have a passion and keen interest in Physical Mediumship, and I have written extensively on this subject. I love the physical mediumship because there is no doubt in ones mind about what is happening as we witness the events with our own eyes. 


In 2018 my first book was published ‘The Secrets of Traditional Mediumship’ which I had been writing for over five years. From here I had articles published in many magazines such as ‘Psychic News’, ‘SNU Today’, ‘Silent Voices’, and ‘Chat its fate’. I find that writing is a great passion of mine and it comes very naturally and inspirationally. 


I have a firm belief and passion for the Spirit. When I work it is from the heart and my desire is to keep the art of Mediumship alive in our movement. 

I currently live and work in Glastonbury. In the past I held Spiritual Retreats here and knew it would be the place where I would eventually settle. I now do all my work from Glastonbury and organise Evenings with Spirit all over the UK. 


The Evenings with Spirit are very unique indeed and the idea was given to me while I was meditating in Wells Cathedral. They consist of a talk on Mediumship & living a spiritual life, Meditations for the audience, an interactive workshop and I deliver a mini demonstration of Mediumship at the end of the evening. 

I am the founder and president of The Spiritualist Centre of Avalon which is based in Glastonbury.  The vision is to create a community-based spiritual space for people to come together in trust and in love, bringing the two worlds together through the aspect of spirit communication and teachings from the Spirit World. 

I am the founder of The Starlight Spiritualist School. 

My aim is to spread the word of the Spirit through philosophy and evidence of the afterlife and to help those wishing to develop their own spiritual abilities in the right way with a good foundation and knowledge. 

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