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The perfect solution when you just have one question
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Fortune Telling Cards

At times we only need a quick question answered 

Just recently I have had so many clients ask me if I can do a reading for just one question.


Which got me thinking about the best way to deliver this


I have started to voice record the micro readings for my clients and it is working very well indeed 

All readings are channelled and come directly from the Spirit 


At times we may only need a quick question answered or a little guidance on a certain situation or relationship


A micro-reading will be most beneficial when we are stuck and need some guidance on how to move forward or help when making a decision


I can also look into relationships both romantic and friendship, however, please remember this is a very short reading and if you require a longer more in-depth reading you may wish to book for 30 or 60 minutes instead


Some subjects people ask about are: 


Help making a decision 

Brief look into a relationship 

Job issues & problems with people you are working with 


House moves 

How to deal with a break up 

A quick question about your spiritual development 

Business decisions 



And so much more! 


A micro reading will work like this: 

Book your micro reading online 

Email me your question

 I will deliver your reading by voicemail either by Facebook messenger/ Whatsapp or email. You can state your preference when you email me your question 


It's that simple! 


Price £15.00 ( Approximately 10 -15 minutes ) 

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