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 Mediumship Mentorship Course  

This is a 3 part program 
The Course Begins 
Monday 4. March
 I have designed this course to be suitable for all levels of awareness and development. 
I can arrange a complimentary zoom session with you to assess where you are in your development to help you make the correct choice  
 It is an 12 week course for
Inner Transformation, Connection to Spirit
& Spirit Communication

There is an early booking price until 15. February 2024 which gives 50% discount on this course. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to book your place now ! 

Course Description 

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During the mediumship mentorship I will be taking you by the hand and guiding you towards the path of inner transformation &  Mediumship.

This is a life changing journey. 

The course is designed to develop your psychic gifts, connect to your higher self and eventually to the Spirit to deliver Spirit Communication. 

Each part of the course is a four week journey of mentorship with Louisa


A home study course with Louisa's support

Part 1 - We begin with part 1 where you will take the transformational journey of the inner self creating awareness of your own spirit and higher self. 

Part 2 -  During this section you you will begin to create awareness of the psychic centres and abilities and learn how to tune in to your own unique gifts. 

Part 3-  Finally you will complete with part 3 where you are taken on a journey of the spirit and begin to connect with the Spirit world in ways you may have never considered possible before. 

Who is this course suitable for?


This course is designed as a 3 part course and is suitable for complete beginners through to experienced levels of development.  


It is a journey of transformation of both your inner and outer world. 


The Medium Mentorship Course has been designed for anyone who wishes to make and embrace significant changes in their life.


The course will help you to increase your connection to your higher self and to the Spirit. 

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How does the course work

This is a carefully designed program to guide you through the sensitive process of reconnecting and awakening  your psychic, spiritual abilities and intuition, and ultimately to begin the process of connecting to the Spirit World.


We will be activating your psychic centres of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience in preparation for your homework and meditations. 


During our time together each week I will connect with you on Zoom wherever you are in the world. 


I will be sending you handouts and homework tasks to do each week and there will be time for integration of each section. 


Each week you will also receive a guided meditation designed to accompany the subject to you will be working in that particular area. For example: if we are working on activating your third eye then the meditation will be designed to help with that process. 


Certificate Upon Completion 


Will the course have a good balance of theory & practical exercises?

There will be a good balance of theory and practical work. You will be working with traditional methods to activate your psychic and spiritual abilities. We will practice methods of attunement to raise your vibrational frequency. 

You will be shown many exercises to enhance and strengthen your spiritual gifts. We will be using tools such as ribbons, colour, crystal, oracle cards, candle work, and so much more!  All exercises will all be designed to opening up and strengthen your clairvoyance & clairsentience. You will work towards heighten your sensitivity which will open up a whole new world for you. 

Is there 1-2-1

Louisa will be there as your personal mentor to carefully guide you through the process.


You will be provided with my email address so that you can ask questions at any time. 

What can I expect after I have completed the course?

This is a beautiful and magical journey of the soul, there will be much healing and ‘ah ha’ moments leading you onto a transformational process which can be life changing.

There will be no going back as you will feel the calling to embrace your innate spiritual gifts and you will have developed in such a way that you can now really understand that there is so much more to life than we can touch, feel and see. 


You will be invited to join the ‘Platform Demonstration’  Course and ‘Private Sitting’ course 

 PART 1 

Connecting to your Inner self, Higher Self and the


Spirit Within 











We begin with part one where you will take the transformational journey of the inner self creating awareness of your own spirit and higher self.


 The first and most fundamental aspect of making any change is to instigate changes within our own being first.


The inner part of us always reflects the outer, meaning that how we feel inside reflects in our outer world - it all begins with learning how to master the mind by creating awareness of thoughts and learning how to navigate the thinking process.


Have you ever noticed that when we are stressed more stress seems to find us? Or when we are miserable and unhappy we seem to receive more things which make us miserable and unhappy reinforcing how we are feeling inside.


The inner simply reflects our outer world making how we feel real. Therefore, it would make perfect sense to create awareness of how we feel inside and if that is not what we wish to experience we can change it immediately before it becomes our reality. 


Our first step together on this mentorship is to delve deep into aspects of yourself and begin to focus and heal the inner wounds which may not have been dealt with previously.


In this way we are preparing the path in readiness for your own inner transformation so that your vibrational frequency can raise thus beginning the process of heightened spiritual awareness of the inner self.

This part of the journey is essential if one wishes to become the best channel for the Spirit World that they can be. 

What will I learn? 

  • Setting your Intention - why am I doing this

  • Creating and applying spirituality to your daily life

  • Becoming more spiritualised 

  • Activating and working with the energy centres & Auric field 

  • Mastery of the Mind ( becoming aware of thoughts and feelings and how they create our reality)

  • How to apply positivity to your life every day and see how that simple step will transform how you are feeling and living

  • The importance of being in alignment and what that means

  • Breath Work

  • Focussed attention

  • The importance of Meditation & How to meditate

  • The difference between meditation and attunement

  • Developing the psychic faculty

  • Beginning to raise your vibrational frequency and why this is important in mediumship

  • Connecting to the Inner Spirit & feeling the inner body energy (etheric body)

  • Understanding guides & their purpose

  • Who is my guide & Meeting your guide

Part 2 
Awaken Your Psychic Gifts 


Magical Energy Healing Hands Concept - sparkling and bokeh background with a female open p

During this section you you will begin to create awareness of your psychic gifts and  abilities. 


You will earn how to tune in to your own unique gifts.

We begin the process of creating awareness of your energy and spiritual centres. 


 We will find the key to activate the senses of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience 

and start to take the next step towards being aware of the Spirit. 

During this phase of the course you will be carefully guided in ways of listening to your own intuition and how to tap into that very subtle sense. 


We will practice methods to awaken your very special and unique psychic abilities.


We are all born with psychic abilities