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Session Packages

The mind body link is so closely related


 How we are feeling will ultimately affect our energy body

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What will a session package do for you 

A session package will work on multifaceted parts of you, the mind, body and spirit


At times we can feel drained and just not functioning as well as we would normally


 This can be due to an energy build up in the Auric field and inner etheric body 

 I am aware that we are all so unique


What works for one may not work for another, each session will be tailored or the individual

I offer the following services 



Energy Clearing 

Chakra Clearing & Rebalancing

Aromatherapy Massage  

What Can I Expect 

During a session with me I will work very closely with my Spirit Team


I will use certain tools to clear energy such as sound and the elements to clear any energy from you which is not for your highest good 


After a session with me you will feel lighter, clearer and able to think with more clarity


My aim is to help you to raise your own vibrational frequency so that you are connected more with the Divine energy


In this way you can function at optimum levels both spiritually and in your day to day life  

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