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The Summer Solstice (Lithia)

June 21st

On the day of the Summer Solstice the daylight hours are at their longest. It marks the beginning of the Summer season. This is the longest day of the year, the sun is at its highest and reaches her peak.

From this day on the days begin to get shorter as the descent towards Autumn commences.

It is during this time that we naturally spend more time outdoors. We visit the seaside and enjoy the warmer longer days. When we look around us Mother Nature is abundant, vibrant and alive and we are more social wanting to spend more time outdoors. It is a time of joy and play when we enjoy ourselves. It is the beginning of the Holiday season (Holyday), when we can rest, play and have fun.

At Lithia we honour the Goddess Nolava of the waters. We cleanse ourself with water and explore the astral realms which we can find all around us, we just need to ‘tune in’ to them. Summer Solstice is all about the element of water and emotions.

It is a time for our bodies to heal especially where the emotions are concerned. Through the Goddess we learn about love and compassion for ourselves and for others too. It's a time to play as we did as children, and to do things just for the fun of it.

During this time we can begin the process of healing our shadow selves. The Goddess helps us to release emotions and heal our pain. She will hold us safely through our anger, grief and pain so that we can journey to become whole once again.

Nolava is the lady of the Holy Springs. In Avalon she can be honoured at the Red and White springs and the Chalice Well.

Things to do at the time of the Summer Solstice:

  1. Play like a child again. Do fun things. Go dancing, take a picnic outside, walk in the woods, go to the seaside and do silly things. Celebrate the healing of the child within.

  2. Make an altar to the Goddess Nolava. Decorate the altar with bowls of water, chalices, summer fruit and shells and seaweeds.

  3. Every day light a candle to the Goddess.

  4. Fill the chalice with water from the well near you and drink it with gratitude.

  5. Sing and pray for the Goddess to help you. Ask her for guidance and gratitude for others in need. Ask her for vision.

  6. At the ‘New Moon’ have a ceremonial bath with candles, flowers and fragrance to celebrate the power of emotion in your life.

  7. At the full moon take a ritual dip in her waters.

  8. Relax & take a holiday, take care of yourself.

  9. Visit sacred sites, wells, lakes and rivers. Give thanks for the gift of water.


Louisa Sullivan

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