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Wish I could give more than 5 stars - had an excellent experience with Louisa at my recent reading. She was so welcoming, friendly and caring. It had been a long time since I last had a reading, I felt quite lost and needed some guidance... I was definitely provided with that. Everything was so accurate, and Louisa answered my questions with the utmost care and kindness, she was lovely to talk to and made me feel at such ease.


I would recommend her 100% and will definitely be returning, whether that for a reading or some other occasion. Many thanks for everything. 


Wednesday 22. February 2023 



 I had an amazing and in depth reading with Louisa, she connected with my dad and grandad and has given me so much closure. 

Louisa has really helped me move past certain issues in my life, as she also given me advice during the session which I am so grateful for!


Very talented and gifted, worth every penny. Will definitely be returning.



Friday 10. February 2023 


A lovely energy as you step into this property. Wonderful energy in temple/healing room. Louise makes you very welcome and at ease. I enjoyed my chakra cleanse and felt very energised afterwards. I was also thrilled to hear from my mother who passed in October, it made me really happy and my worry was addressed.


Fantastic. I really recommend Louise. She is a lovely lady, she makes you feel at ease and she is very gifted. A great session and worth every penny. I will definitely return at some point.



Sunday 15. January 2023




I wasn’t sure what to expect and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt safe and guided and the information I got was first class and really helpful. 


Faye Hooper-Harvey 

Date: 24/6/23


A wonderful spiritual experience. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, however, it was enlightening to a wonderful world. I felt really part of the group. Louisa was so kind and helpful and I feel I want to continue working on my journey. 




A day full of learning and enlightenment. Certainly wetted my appetite for more. Louisa is an excellent trainer. Magical day. 





Louisa, thank you so much for this beautiful and magical day. Absolutely 10 out of 10 for the day. All was efficient, clear, informative and just simply amazing. I would recommend and would like to explore and learn more further mediumship with you. 




A lovely experience, Louisa is very experienced and knowledgable and puts everyone at ease. There is no pressure and so suitable for all levels. 




I attended Louisa's seminar on mediumship development and found the information informative and well presented, Louisa has a lovely energy and is very thorough and professional in how she brings her knowledge forward.


I found the material easy to follow, and the exercises that we carried out were fun and light, which for me made things easier.


There were people from different levels of abilities and I feel that Louisa managed to expand everyone's knowledge and understanding.


I highly recommend anyone attending a course with Louisa and even having a reading with her.


I will be booking again with her in the future.


Matthew Haines 


Louisa is a gifted medium, but who also has developed psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc. She is capable of bridging the spiritual and physical dimensions which are all part of our overall human identity.


Regardless of her extensive experience she approaches the subject matter with deep humility, and brings the best out of her clients allowing them centre stage as guides them through their travails. Her public events are well worth attending. During such events she involves the audience and demonstrates how it all works out. She is humble, compassionate, and also has a great sense of humour which puts her at times nervous audience at ease.


Louisa is the consummate professional with an interest solely in guiding humanity towards its highest good at all times. She is an absolute gift to those who happen to cross her path in life. Louisa is a truly guiding light at a time of great transition on planet Earth. 

Thank you Louisa. Blessings, Love & Light



Monday 9. January 2023 


I have had several readings with mediums over the years and I can truly and honestly hold my hands up and say that my reading with Louisa was the best I've had yet. She has such a lovely warm vibe and energy and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed and nurtured within your time with her.


The reading was absolutely spot on acurate all the way through, I was wowed by that, and it has really helped me so much to move and navigate through all my life issues and it has helped me to come up with new ideas to make positive changes and given me a huge sence of comfort in knowing that everything is going to be ok and good.


Thankyou Louisa you are a star and brilliant. Much Love from Jodie. XX


Sunday 10. April 2022 

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Faye Hooper-Harvey

Saturday 16. September 2023 


Louisa’s way of teaching is gentle, simplistic with a hint of magic.

I was very nervous before attending Louisa’s class and she make me feel welcome and comfortable. I have learnt so much, and I’m eternally grateful for having met Louisa.

Thank you. 


Saturday 16. September 2023 


Hi Louisa


I wanted to write to say a huge thank you for yesterday - I had a wonderful day and found it really interesting. You were brilliant at putting everyone at ease and speak in a genuine and knowledgeable way which really helped me relax and get as much as I could from the day.


Thank you again


Much love



Saturday 16. September 2023 


Thankyou for yet another wonderful seminar. 

A lovely group of like minded people. I so enjoyed being taught by you, along by feeling safe in this space and given the confidence to grow in my psychic abilities .

Thank you so much. Much love and light. 

Cilla Johnstone 

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