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Spiritual development is unique for each individual  person

We are all Spirit having a physical experience here on the earth

Our evolvement will depend upon our purpose for being here

Some people may wish to develop the gift of Mediumship 

Some may wish to develop the healing modality 

Some may just be curious to know  what their abilities are 

Whatever your interest is in spiritual matters I hope to provide some in-site for you in this section  &  help you with your own spiritual development 

Here you will find: 

Starlight Mystery School 

Awareness circles 

Development circles

Online Courses

Private Tuition 

Educational videos  

Energy healer receiving high vibrational energy - female cupped hands and shaft of white l

Home Circles  

During a circle you will be working to develop your psychic gifts and we will work with many different spiritual exercises to achieve this

Meditating in Nature

Starlight Mystery School 

Is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about your own unique abilities in a practical way both in person & online 

Sensing another person's energy field - female hand facing another female hand on a sparkl

Private Tuition 

Private Tuition Sessions are tailored for the individual

Glowing Lights Flowing From An Open Hand Against Colorful Circle Backdrop.jpg

Educational Videos

Here you will find a selection of educational videos to help you on your spiritual path 

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