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Educational Videos 

 Inspirational development with Louisa 

Join me on an educational journey to assist you in your own development

Here I will help you to understand the many aspects of

Spiritual Development 

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Your Development 

I have created this page to focus upon the Mediumship & Spiritual aspects of your development

This is going to be a no-nonsense, practical approach to Mediumship & Spiritual Development


I believe Mediumship is an art which we master over time. It is not something which can be acquired over six months or a year


 It is a lifetime committed to learning & development 


I will be sharing with you my experience & knowledge which I have gained during my years of developing my own mediumship

Here you will discover videos on different subjects to help you along your own path


I look forward to taking this journey with you, and to helping you to develop your own Mediumship & Spirituality through knowledge and education

How to Access Intuition

Psychic News Article on the difference between psychic & mediumship links.

Author Louisa Sullivan 

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