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Chakra & Energy Clearing 

As we go through our lives we can collect energy 

within the Chakras & Auric field which can hinder working effectiveness


During a session I will 

work on clearing both the Chakras & the Aura 

This treatment will provide a stronger sense of spiritual & psychic connection

Sessions can be in person or performed remotely 


New Homes, the Homes we live in & buildings can 

accumulate energy

Sometimes this energy can feel heavy or negative depending upon situations and the people who have visited or lived in the property


This energy can build up and can affect the feel of a home

With an energy clearance the vibrational frequency is restored & crystal clear once again

Energy clearing can be performed in person if you are local to Glastonbury or alternatively it can be done remotely 

Please contact Louisa before booking to discuss 

Colorful Crystal

Energy Cleansing

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