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Beginning Mediumship
1 Day seminar in Glastonbury 
Saturday 24. June 2023

The Benefits of Developing Mediumship

About the Seminar

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Mediumship is a spiritual gift which most people are able to develop with the correct training, dedication and love for the Spirit. 


Mediumship development is not just about giving messages as in spirit communication, it is also about your own healing, connection to your inner self, higher self and intuition, which leads to a much higher vibration of  consciousness.


During this seminar we begin the process of deepening your connection to your psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.

What You Will Learn


  1. How to tune into your psychic senses of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. 

  2. How to make the connection to your inner spirit. 

  3. How to create awareness of your own intuition.

  4. How to discern when the information you receive is coming from you, your higher self or the spirit world. 

  5. How to raise your vibrational frequency and begin to create awareness of the spirit world which is all around us.

  6. How to tune into the psyche of another person.

  7. Learn how to give a reading using your psychic senses

Your Teacher  

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My passion is teaching and sharing the knowledge and experiences I have with others. 


I have gained thirty years experience working with all aspects of Spiritual Development from healing, psychic surgery, tarot, trance, physical mediumship, paranormal investigations, platform demonstrations and private sittings. I have a ‘Teacher Training Certificate’ and I have also passed my award in ‘Speaking and Demonstrating’ with the ‘Spiritualist National Union’ (SNU). 


I am a published author and I have also written many articles for the ‘Psychic News’ magazine. I have been teaching intensively both on a mentoring and 1-2-1 basis and also in groups for over 10 years. 


As in all teaching we are simply sharing our experience and information learned over time with others to help them on their path and this is how I teach. I also work very closely with the Spirit World and I often channel as I teach which brings a different dimension to the quality of the teaching as it comes from the Spirit. 

What people say  

"It has been a joy and a delight to study mediumship with Louisa for the past year and I feel very blessed to have been under her guidance. She is a gifted medium; you can feel her wise connection to the Spirit world, her devotion and dedication to the right and the good. Her service to Spirit is both inspiring and rare. A beautiful soul."


Sally Morningstar - author and spiritual mentor.

The Benefits of the Seminar 

  • You will feel much deeper connection to your own inner spirit, to your higher self and the Spirit World. 


  • You will be able to attune and listen to the subtle language of your own soul through the fine tuning of intuition. 


  • There will be a stronger sense and awareness of the Spirit World.


  • You will learn how to feel the energy of the Spirit, and to know when they are close to you through learning about your own unique ‘Calling Card’. A calling card is the sign or sensation you feel when the spirit come close to you. 


  • The process of listening to and connecting to the Spirit World will be more finely tuned. 


  • You will learn to trust your own psychic and mediumship abilities through the use of powerful and trusted exercises.

Who is the seminar suitable for

This seminar is suitable for all levels of development including beginners. 




If you are just starting out on your ‘Spiritual Path’ this course is a perfect place to begin because we will be covering some of the essential factors of self development and inner work. You will be guided carefully to begin to make that connection with spirit. During the practical work I will ‘Pair you up’ with the correct partner for your level of development so that you are not over stretched, my seminars are all ‘spirit led’ and I will take guidance from my spirit guides about who is best suited to work with who. 


Intermediate & Experienced 


If you already have some knowledge and practical experience of working with the inner self and with Spirit this course will provide the perfect environment for you to grow and strengthen your connection to Spirit. I will be introducing you to some new methods of connecting to the Spiritual World and showing you how to work with them more closely.


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1. Have you ever wondered how mediums can tell when they are communicating with the spirit world?

You will begin to learn how to know when the spirit are close to you and we will work with exercises to help you to feel the difference and to know when the information is coming from you or another source. 2


2. Do you ever receive feelings and thoughts which do not feel like they come from you? 


During this seminar we will explore your own abilities and begin the process of differentiating when the feelings and sensations are coming from you or from spirit.


3. Are you curious about the spirit world and how they communicate? 


We will be discussing how communication occurs and the mechanics of mediumship so that you can understand how it works. When we have knowledge about how something works we can understand it much clearer. 


4. Would you like to learn how to move out of the mind and into a more spiritual space? 


During our time together I will be taking you through some beautiful meditations to quieten the chatter of the mind and move into more of a spiritual space so that you can feel and listen to the subtle energies of the spiritual world and begin to feel the difference between the two worlds. 

4. How do I get in touch if I have any questions?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on email: 


If you would like to find out more about the seminar,  or you are unsure if this seminar is suitable for you, I am happy to arrange a short Zoom call to discuss with you. Please contact me on email: 

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