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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

What does it mean be become spiritually awake?

When we hear the term ‘spiritual awakening’ we may wonder what it actually means. Many of us travel through our lives and we may not be fully aware of the fact that we are a spiritual being housed in a physical body.

We may be aware of all the things which make up our physical world, things such as our house, car, family, friends, work and work scenarios, money & finance, fears, worries and troubles, anything which is of a physical nature in our world. However, sometimes people begin to search for more.

As we begin to ‘wake up’ to the realisation that there may be more to this world in which we live. Questions begin to form in the mind as we start to ask why we are here and what is our purpose in life. We may find that the things which did give us satisfaction and pleasure no longer do so, we begin to search for something perhaps not quite knowing what it is we are searching for. However, the journey has begun with the questions and search for knowledge to do with things of an esoteric nature.

When one embarks upon their spiritual path and begins to become spiritually awake it can be confusing to the novice at the beginning especially if they have no like minded experienced friends to speak to about what they are going through. I will attempt here to explain the what is a spiritual awaking and outline some to the symptoms.

What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is when a person becomes aware of the spirit within. Changes both in the psychical & spiritual world begin to occur. This can be a challenge to a person who has no knowledge of spiritual matters, they may seek the support and guidance of others, people they have known for sometime may simply be removed from their lives and this can be a challenge to most. I know that I had this happen to me many years ago: people began to leave my life and it was very upsetting for me at the time, but I can now see why it had to happen and actually it was beneficial for me. It is always after the event that we can look back and see why things needed to happen, but at the time it can be challenging. I believe that most of us struggle with change. But there comes a time in our lives when the change is there and we can ignore it no longer, we simply have to go with the flow or we stagnate.

There are various things which happen to us which enable us to identify a spiritual awakening. Below is a list outlining what you may experience during an awakening. This list is not exhaustive and there may be different things which you personally may experience as an individual.

  1. A deep yearning for something different in your life.

  2. Things which have interested you no longer do.

  3. People who have been in your life begin to move away.

  4. Places you visited in the past no longer appeal to you.

  5. Mundane conversation bores you, you long for more deep spiritually related conversation.

  6. You get flashes of inspiration.

  7. There is a deep yearning of find out more about spiritual matters.

  8. You may develop sensitivity to light, sound. Loud people and places are difficult to bare.

  9. Dreams become deeper and contain more meaning.

  10. You feel the urge to rest and meditate more.

  11. Premonitions as your sixth sense strengthens.

  12. Awareness of signs in your daily lives - for example: you think of someone and they call you. Or you start to see signs in the street or while you are out which trigger some train of thought.

  13. Unusual things happening which you are unable to explain.

  14. Becoming more empathic.

  15. You may experience loss of concentration during daily activities.

  16. Tearfulness

  17. Daydreaming more than usual.

  18. Sensitivity to the feelings and emotions of others.

  19. Becoming more aware of energy, both positive and negative.

  20. Needing to be alone more often.

  21. Change in the clothes you are wearing, we often gravitate to a more comfortable way of dressing.

  22. Changes in food cravings, you may begin to crave more alkaline foods and foods which raise the vibrational frequency.

  23. Being able to live more in the now.

  24. A deeper understanding of death and the spiritual world.

  25. Feeing more connected to spirit.

  26. Feeling more connected to other people as a whole.

How does this happen what will I feel and experience?

When we go through these changes it can be very confusing and we can wonder what on earth is going on with us. When I went through my first awakening I felt as though I was going quite mad. I had no one to speak to about it and I did not understand it at all. I researched the symptoms on the internet but some websites are not terribly reliable with the information so I did not take too much notice of them. I found the best way was to speak to someone who had actually gone through it themselves and could relate to what was happening to me.

It was a bit like a roller coaster ride and I was up one minute and down the next. I struggled with the intense change which was occurring in my life. But I can now see it was for the best and my life now is quite amazing. I still go through changes as that is what our spiritual path is all about. We continuously develop and progress upon our spiritual journey as that is the way of life. Do not fight against it, embrace the changes and seek out those who can help assist you along the path to help you understand what is happening to you. I speak from my heart when I say it is worth the pain and challenge you go through as that is the only way the soul can grow. Don't fight it, flow with it and enjoy it, the rewards are nothing short of magical.

Many blessings

Louisa Marie Sullivan

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