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The Potentials of Choice

Different outcomes dependent upon one’s life choices. 

Because Universal Law is continuously in operation the choices we make today do and will affect the outcomes of tomorrow. 

We also have the Universal Law of Free Will to make those choices in our lives. Something to carefully consider is that although we can try to help people and show them the way, our way might not be the best way for them. We must not ever tell people what to do or interfere as it might not be for their highest good.

At times it can be very frustrating when we see that a friend or loved one is going to make a mistake, however, what can be perceived as a mistake could actually be a valuable life lesson. It is at those times that we need to stand back, be patient and observe and be there for them if they should need us. If we interfere in any way and try to alter or change the path that they have chosen, this could deprive them of that teaching. 

It is our responsibility when we really love someone and care of them to at times be silent and do nothing. Remain patient and wait for them to make their own choices of their own free will whatever that might be. 

That leads me to the question, what do we do when we are asked for advice, help or direction? When a loved one asks us for help or advice we can give it of course, however, it will be from our own perspective that we are viewing the situation and it may not resonate with the other person, they can take from it what they will. It is never a good idea to push our thoughts or feelings onto another telling them what they should or should not do. Leading by example is definitely the best way. 

So what do we do when a Love Relationship breaks down? At times our partner may decide of their own free will to end the relationship and we can appear to have no choice or say in the matter. However, we do have a choice, and that choice is in how we react to what has happened. We can choose to react or to be non reactive. It can be one of the most difficult things to face. Acceptance of the situation is all we can do. We cannot try to change another persons choices as we will interfere with their free will. If we do try to change their choice it can bring feelings of frustration, abandonment and helplessness. 

Acceptance of a situation will help to keep you in your power. Surrender to what is and move on. Trying to change another persons thoughts, actions, words or deeds only breeds and deepens frustration and sadness within ourselves. 

Warmest Blessings


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