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What is Trance Mediumship?

Updated: Jan 8

Trance Mediumship can at times be rather misunderstood. There are different levels of trance mediumship and most mediums will work in their own very unique way. However, the basic principles are the same.

I will do my best to explain Trance Mediumship in this simple and short blog.

A Trance Medium will enter in to an ‘Altered state’ which is much deeper than that achieved through regular meditation. When the medium has reached their own level of trance then Spirit can draw close as the medium relinquishes control to the world of Spirit. The level of consciousness will depend upon the ability of the medium to attune to the correct level for trance to occur.

The Spirit blend with the aura of the medium and with a well developed, advanced channel the spirit may also be able to influence their voice box and physical body.

What Are The Benefits of Trance?

In my experience trance can greatly increase the mediums attunement to the Spirit World. It will train the medium to go within deeply while lowering their own physical vibrations of the body, and at the same time increasing the vibration of the mind, which enable them to achieve a higher attunement to the Spirit.

As one sits more frequently for trance, one will naturally become more closely attuned to the other world. The benefits of trance can not be over estimated. Gordon Higginson said "All mediums should begin their development with Trance". I know that through my own personal experience it has helped me with my mediumship on all levels especially with the evidence during a communication.

How Deep Do Mediums Go In Trance?

There are varying degrees of trance. Ranging from a light trance where inspirational speaking can happen to a deep trance where the medium has lost ability to use their thinking powers.

The spirit will never be inside the mediums body even if it may look like this. The spirit of the medium does not leave the body while the spirit communicator is working with the medium. It is a blending of their energies together in order for communication to take place.

I am currently sitting for Trance and I manage to reach a level of consciousness where I am in and out of the Trance state. Sometimes I will be aware of noises in the room and of what is being said, and at other times I am not aware at all, this is perfectly normal. A medium may fluctuate between different levels of awareness during a trance sitting.

There are many levels of consciousness:


Normal Functioning awareness


Day Dreaming, ESP heightened psychic awareness, concentration, creativity, awareness of the spirit energy


Light sleep, light trance & healing



Deep Delta

Deep sleep, deep trance

What happens at the different levels of consciousness:

First Level: Relaxation

Second Level: sitting in the silence. Pictures come in to the mind. Some of these pictures or visions can often provide answers to problems in life. These answers come from the divine source which is within you. They are not usually from a discarnate spirit.

Third Level: being aware of the power of Spirit around you. Your aura may get bigger to enable you to feel the energies. While you are in this 'altered state' Spirit can pass messages to your mind. At this level you may also get to know your guides who will come close and pass on knowledge etc.

Deeper levels of trance do exist but we will not discuss these in this article.

Is Trance Safe?

Yes Trance is perfectly safe done under the correct conditions and with the right guidance and education. The medium is perfectly well protected while in a Trance state by their own guides and helpers.

You will find that most Trance mediums have a ‘main guide’ who will prevent any unwelcome spirits coming into the mediums aura. They look after the mediums welfare.

While a medium is sitting in Trance they should be with another person so they can look out for them. A medium in Trance should not be touched while in the altered state, so having a person with them who is educated in the ways of Trance is essential.

Should I sit Alone for Trance?

It is not recommend that the medium sit alone for trance in the advanced stages of development, however, it is fine to set the intention to develop & sit for the trance state when you first start as you will be sitting for meditation with the intention to develop Trance.

Try to sit alone for 20 minutes each day in meditation with the intention to develop and reach the trance state.

There are a couple of the reasons why an advanced Trance Medium should not sit alone. The first reason is that if the medium is able to reach the deeper stages of consciousness and they are in essence in a deep sleep they need a person beside them who is educated about trance and knows how to take care of the medium to make sure they are not touched or disturbed while in Trance.

Another reason is that once the medium has reached the advanced stages of Trance usually the spirit will come through and speak to the sitters. If the medium was alone the spirit would have no one to speak with. When a medium sits for Trance it is usually to deliver the teachings of the Spirit through philosophy. So what would be the point of the medium sitting alone to bring through Spirit teachings and there is no one to listen to them.

What should I expect during a Trance Sitting?

A Trance sitting can be either the philosophical teachings of the spirit or communication from a loved one in the Spirit World. In my experience though it is mainly a guide coming through to give the teachings of the Great Spirit to help us understand life.

I have witnessed a loved one coming through giving profound evidence to the sitter and I have to say it is by far the best form of communication for me.

Healing can also take place during a trance session & it is much stronger when the healer is in a trance state at some level.

Do I need training to do Trance?

The best training in my opinion is one you can do alone, and that is to Meditate on a regular basis and allow your meditation to reach a deep level where you can sit naturally for a period of time.

From here you can start to work towards achieving the Trance state. This is when guidance will be required form a professional Trance Medium. Once you have been shown and taught the basics and you have a good understanding of the practice then by all means sit in trance with another person who also has understanding and has been correctly trained in Trance.

I can honestly say from a personal opinion that being able to achieve the Trance state has developed my own mediumship to a level I would have never thought possible.

I believe that the level of evidence I am able to deliver has been possible because of my Trance development.

I would strongly advise any medium who is serious about their development to consider sitting for Trance. Do not be afraid. Fear comes from being uneducated about the subject so learn as much as you can and take the correct teachings for your own development. See and feel who you are drawn to as a tutor and follow your intuition. Above all enjoy the experience it is truly amazing.

Much love to you all

Blessings Louisa Sullivan

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