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An insight to the beginning of Mediumship

When I first embarked upon my spiritual journey I began as a healer my healing faculty developed very naturally I began to be more aware of the Spirit World.

When I was administering healing to a patient I began to have an awareness of when their loved ones in the Spirit World would draw close. As time progressed I began to hear their voices and sense their personalities on a much deeper level. Until it reached a time when I simply had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to pass on the spirit’s message to my patient. How did I manage this?

How did my mediumship develop?

Before I would pass on a message to the living person from spirit I would always ask my patient for their permission. I would explain to them that I was sensing their loved one in spirit and I would ask them if it was ok for me to pass the message on to them. I felt this was the most honourable practice for me at the time.

This process happened very naturally and very slowly and it only occurred when I was giving healing. However, I never felt the urge to give private sittings or take things further at this stage, but what happened for me was rather profound.

As I Developed as a healer (who gave the occasional message to my patients) I knew that this was my path and the way of my own unique spiritual unfoldment. I surrendered and allowed it to grow and evolve as it needed to without too much of my own interference. I did attend certain classes on mediumship development, and I also sat in circle which helped me to understand what was happening within me and with the Spirit World. However, the inner journey for me had begun.

The Inner development journey must come first

As with all mediums I believe that the inner journey of self understanding, healing and self love leads to a much higher vibration of consciousness, and thus helps us to become the best possible channel for the Spirit World (if that is our path).

I was embarking upon one of the most profound journeys of my life, the path of Mediumship and Spirit Communication. It literally changed my life in a such a beautiful way. You see, Mediumship development is not just about giving messages, it is also about your own healing and inner development. Not all parts of my journey were what I would call ‘beautiful’ some were very challenging indeed. What I discovered was that the most challenging times were the times of the deepest growth for me spiritually.

My energy completely changed as I embraced each lesson with love and gratitude. I was able to see the positive in all my difficulties. When hard times would present themselves I would always ask “What is it that I need to learn from this?” In this way I would be presented with my valuable lesson, which in turn would accelerate my spiritual growth and evolvement.

Valuable lessons = inner healing

When we develop as Mediums it is important to embrace the lessons of the spirit and the healing that they bring to us. This allows us to grow as individuals and to develop an understanding of our purpose, who we are and of the Spirit World too.

Attending courses and sitting in circle is a great way to learn how to understand what is happening to you. Leaning how to blend the two worlds, and become more aware of the Spirit, and the subtle nuances of spirit energy will also be part of your journey both for the inner development and the development for the connection to Spirit.

Discernment 'Just because I can, does it mean I should?'

I also learnt the art of discernment in my mediumship. which lead me to the point of this article, 'Just because I can, does it mean I should?' Which means that we need to feel into the connection with spirit to see if it is for the 'Highest Good' of the receiver. Sometimes a person needs to experience certain challenges in their lives without too much interference from the Spirit World, otherwise they may be deprived of a valuable lesson.

Because we are able to deliver a message from spirit to the living, does it mean that it is essentially the correct thing to do. Should we interfere? This is an interesting point because at times, as a medium the feeling to give a message may be very strong and overwhelming. However, I would always suggest gaining permission from the living person first (unless they have come to you for a reading, then you already have their permission.)

Your own Unique Journey

I would suggest that you take your time with the beautiful journey which has been presented to you, honour each lesson and see the positive in it. Allow your Mediumship development to unfold as it needs to. Enlist the experience and teachings of a good mentor/tutor who will help you to develop in the correct manner for you. A good mentor will be able to tune into your energy and to your own guides, and be made aware of your unique abilities and gifts so they can take the journey with you.

Remember that everyones journey is unique, and never compare yourself with others because that is not your path. Allow your unfoldment and spiritual development to occur slowly and naturally and above all enjoy each moment and each lesson.


Louisa Sullivan

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