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Why do Mediums Demonstrate Mediumship?

When a Medium has reached a certain level of ability in their mediumship communication they may wish to demonstrate this publicly to a live audience.

It may take years of behind the scenes development before a medium is ready to do this. There is much that goes into a demonstration of Mediumship. It is not just about the being able to communicate with the Spiritual World it is also about being able to present the information in a loving and considerate manner, with responsibility and the ability to present the information in the correct way to an audience. It is about being true to self and to the Spirit because a medium is a representative of the Spiritual World and this in it self carries a huge responsibility. It is not the job of the medium to deliver shocking or distressing news. Being a good medium is not and easy task. It takes years of learning, developing and practice to reach a point where a medium will be good enough to present their ability to the public.

When people come to watch a demonstration of mediumship they may come for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they have lost a loved one and are in the grieving process and would like to know if their loved ones are ok and still carrying on in the world of Spirit. Some may come out of curiosity and others may just feel drawn to attend but not really knowing why. Whatever reason they come for - they generally listen intently to the Medium and will remember clearly what is said to them even after the demonstration and this is were the responsibility of mediumship comes into play.

It is the job of the medium to prove continued life. It is giving the Spirit a voice and allowing their messages to flow from Spirit through the channel we call a Medium and to the living. This information needs to be presented to the living and a way that they can understand it and know it.

At times the medium will get it wrong and this can be the challenge of ‘Mental Mediumship’ where it is down to the perception of the medium. They might be shown images in their mind and get a feeling to go with it and misinterpret the information being given. However, this type of thing happens rarely with a well attuned and developed medium.

During a mediumship demonstration the recipient may receive communication from several loved ones in the spirit world, so it is a good idea to keep on ‘open mind’ to who might come to communicate. If the recipient is only wanting to hear from one particular person in Spirit and rejects others who come through this can ‘block’ the connection and the communication may not flow and work well.

We must remember that the medium is working with energy and energy is a very sensitive thing. Therefore the energy must be right between the Spirit, the Medium and the Living for it to work well. When it does not flow at times it will not work at all.

During a demonstration not all people present will receive a communication from their loved ones, it is only usually a select few. Each communication will be about 10 minutes long and the medium will not divulge very personal details from the platform, if there is sensitive information which needs to be delivered to the recipient the Medium may ask that they speak together after the demonstration has finished.

A demonstration of mediumship should be a sacred event which leaves you feeling wonderful, uplifted, empowered and reassured that your loved ones do indeed continue on in the Spiritual World.

Love & blessings to all

Lousa x

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