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 Awareness Circle 

The First Step in Spiritual Development 

 An awareness circle is designed to connect you to your inner-self, your high-self and tune into your own unique psychic abilities. It will enable you to learn how to listen to your inner-voice by attuning to your intuition & psychic gifts. 

The Circle 

Psychic Awareness is when we develop a connection to the Inner Self, the inner most part of us which has been with us forever and will be with us forever. It is the spiritual aspect of who we are.


Through development of the inner self  we begin the process of becoming more spiritually aware. We learn how to notice and see the signs and signals which are all around us. We can then tune into some very powerful energy and learn how to develop so that we are connected to our heart and intuition.


Awareness is the first step in spiritual development. It enables us to open up just like a flower. When we become more open to our inner selves we can then become more aware of the spirit world. It is also the first step in towards developing spiritual communication as in Mediumship. 


We will practice methods to awaken your very special and unique psychic abilities. We are all born with psychic abilities and senses. As we journey through life we may shut them off or simply lose the ability to connect to them in a way which is so natural to us as human beings. We are meant to be psychic and connected to our higher self, it's just that we have been cut off for so long.


When you are in the first stages of developing awareness of the Inner-Self you will be learning how to listen to the subtle language of your inner spirit, as in intuition. This means you are developing the ability to be aware of the inner voice which speaks to us all constantly but most of the time we dismiss the inner voice as non-sense or our imagination. 


When you develop you will learn how to differentiate between what is imagination and what is really coming from your Inner-self. You will know when the things you are thinking or feeling are simply your mind running wild, or when it is really coming from deep within you, you will learn how to listen to the Spirit within. As this connection becomes stronger you will begin to become more aware of the spiritual signs which are all around you all the time.


During psychic awareness development you will be discovering and opening your spiritual senses to become more sensitive to energy.


 You will be practicing many traditional methods of attunement. We will work with many exercises using tools such as ribbons, colour, crystal, oracle cards, sand, water, candle work, and so much which will all be designed to opening up and strengthen your clairvoyance & clairsentience.


You will work towards heightening your sensitivity which will open up a whole new world for you. 

The Next Circle

New Awareness Circle at St Edmunds Community Hall


This is an open circle held once a month held by Spirit Medium Louisa Sullivan in Glastonbury.


What is an Open Awareness Circle?


An open circle means that it is open to anyone who is interested in developing their inner awareness and psychic gifts.


Is the Circle Suitable for complete beginners?


Yes the circle is designed for beginners and for people who may have some experience too and would like to re-fresh their abilities.


Where are sessions held?


Session are held at:

St Edmunds Community Hall

5-7 Chinnock Road




Dates for the sessions are:


Thursday 19. September 6.30pm till 8.30pm

Thursday 17. October 6.30pm till 8.30pm

Thursday 21. November 6.30pm till 8.30pm

Thursday 12. December 6.30pm till 8.30pm


How much does it cost?


Each session is £15 and you can pay on the day upon arrival.

Do I need to pre-book?

At the moment it is not essential to pre-book you can simply turn up. However, if you do wish to reserve your place you may book below and I will confirm you place by email. 


What will we cover:


Each session will be spirit led which means that Louisa will tune in to the spirit to see what the group needs at that time. Each session will be fairly structured to include:


  • A short meditation to prepare you and the space in which we will work

  • An introduction to the evenings subject - usually in the way of a talk on the subject.

  • A deeper meditation

  • Group work to develop your awareness and psychic abilities.

  • Q&A Session

  • Closing down after we have worked.






Some of the subjects which will be covered are:


  • Understanding The Psychic Senses

  • Working with Cards

  • Guides and Helpers

  • Listening & Tuning into Intuition

  • Learning to focus your attention

  • Working with Crystals

  • Scrying

  • Psychometry

  • Aura readings

  • Chakra Cleansing

  • Aura Cleansing

  • Working with colour

  • Grounding and protection

  • Pendulum Dowsing

  • Inspirational writing

  • Inspirational speaking

  • Telepathy

  • Awakening the third eye

  • Healing

  • The Art of Manifestation

  • Flower Clairsentience

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly and I will do my best to help 

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