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A 4 week Accredited & Certified Course

An Online Course to take in your own time

The Foundations of Psychic & Spiritual Unfoldment 


Creating strong foundations for all aspects of Psychic and  Mediumship development









This course will enable you to create strong foundations and a firm base for all your spiritual development, allowing the natural unfoldment of all your unique gifts. 

Once the foundations are in place we can the proceed with ease with the development of all other aspects of spiritual development. 

When you apply the methods you will learn in this course you will establish a strong foundation which is essential for you to then be able to proceed with ease to develop all other aspects of spiritual development to include: 

Inner self development, healing, spirit communication, development of the psychic gifts, tuning into your intuition, trance, physical mediumship, platform demonstration, private sitting/readings and so much more!


Perhaps you just wish to stop here. However, once we begin this journey and open our mind and heart to something different and beautiful we usually continue in some way and never go back to how we were before, once we learn something which improves our lives considerably we don't usually wish to go back to old ways. 











What You Will Learn


  • Development & Activation of the Chakras/Energy Centres

  • Discover & Activate Your Psychic Gifts

  • The Power of focused attention

  • How to Sit for Spirit


Who is the course suitable for?


This course is suitable for all who have an interest and curiosity in developing, strengthening and enhancing their own Spiritual Development.


It is great for Beginners, Intermediate and experienced. It can be so beneficial to re-establish the foundations and at times hit the ‘Reset’ button in our development. 


If you are a beginner  this is the perfect place to start your spiritual development. We begin with the very basics of building the foundations and start with the development of the inner self. Even if you do not wish to go on to develop further and are simply looking for ways to improve your own life on a daily basis this course will show you how to implement some beautiful practices into your own life in an easy to follow manner.


If you are intermediate and have done some Spiritual Development before but feel that you might benefit from revisiting and re-establishing some basics in your development this course will guide you on this path. The course will introduce you to some new techniques and methods which you can bring into your practice to help enhance and strengthen what you already do.


If you are experienced in your spiritual development in whatever field but feel you could benefit from some refreshment in your work then this course will provide that ‘re-start’ for you! At times we need to hit the ‘Refresh’ button. 









Section 1 - Development & Activation of the  Chakras/Energy Centres 


We create awareness of your energy centres: The Chakras. We look into how they affect your spiritual development. We begin to connect you to the each chakra one by one and will connect you to them. You will begin the development of your psychic senses and we look into the importance of this when laying the foundations for mediumship.


Lecture 1 - The Chakras and their Function   

Lecture 2 - Essential Activation in a controlled manner

Lecture 3 - The seven Chakras and connecting to them

Lecture 4 - How to cleanse & energise your Chakras 


Section 2 - Discover & Activate Your Psychic Gifts 


We are all born with psychic gifts, they are a natural part of us. During our lives we might have lost connection to them. In this part of the course we delve into effective methods to re-awaken your own gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience. We will look at ways you can tune into your own intuition to be sharp and in tune with what we cannot see but can sense. 


Lecture 1 - What are ‘The Psychic Gifts’ 

Lecture 2 - The senses of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience

Lecture 3 - Activation of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience  

Lecture 4 - Tuning into Intuition 


Section 3 - The Power of  focused attention


Focused attention is the at the root of all spiritual development and magic. By learning how to still and quieten the mind you will be on the way to mastering the technique of ‘focussed attention’ which will enhance your psychic and mediumship abilities. 


Lecture 1 - What is focussed attention and why is it important  

Lecture 2 - Mastering the breath

Lecture 3 - Methods of focusing your attention

Lecture 4  - Applying focussed attention in all your work  


Section 4 - How to Sit for Spirit 


When we sit for spirit it is different to meditation and attunement in a way that we simply invite spirit to join us and we hand ourselves over to the spirit in complete trust. We give spirit permission to develop and work with us in a way which is for our highest good and for their highest good too.


Lecture 1 -  The importance of Grounding and Protection 

Lecture 2 - The difference between Meditation, Attunement and sitting for spirit 

Lecture 3 - Creating Sacred Space to Sit 

Lecture 4 - How often should I sit and with whom and for how long? 

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