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A four week online course with Louisa 


You can enrol at any time and take this course in the comfort of your own home. 


The course is not suitable for beginners of spiritual practice  - However, it is suitable for students wishing to develop mediumship and are the beginning phase of that development. 


Applicants will need to have completed 1 or all of the previous courses or have some level of development of the inner self and psychic awareness abilities.


During this course we work together to raise vibrational frequency and begin the process of connecting with the Spirit World. This part of your development is crucial to becoming a well connected medium who is able to deliver strong evidence during your readings and public demonstrations.


We will look into the mechanics of mediumship so you have a clear understanding about how Spirit Communication works. We will work together to practice methods to help you strengthen your connection to spirit so that you are able to deliver clear and evidential communication.



What you will learn: 


  • The facets of Mediumship
  • Making and maintaining the connection to Spirit
  • Sitting for Spirit & Attunement
  • Awareness of the spirit world and when they are close
  • Calling cards - how to tell when your guide joins you
  • Blending with your guide for a much deeper connection
  • How spirit communication occurs - the mechanics of mediumship
  • How to focus your attention, and how that helps mediumship and all spiritual work
  • Building trust in Spirit
  • Beginning to sense the other world and identifying who as joined you from the spirit world
  • The structure of a spirit reading (private sitting)
  • Increasing your own Vibrational Frequency
  • Encouraging dialogue with Spirit
  • How to link with Spirit & maintain the link
  • Evidence
  • Staying in your own power
  • Difficulties in communication -
  • Dealing with a NO
  • The Private Sitting


The Unfoldment of Mediumship

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