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The Steps of Spiritual Development

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

During the old times in England many of our pioneers for the Spirit World would have begun their development by sitting in a circle called an ‘Awareness Circle’.

During this time they would develop their psychic gifts and begin to create an awareness of things such as energy, the psyche, the auric field, chakras, working with tools such as the cards, ribbons, sand, and many more to develop their abilities and 'Clair Senses’. During this time they would also learn how to connect to their inner self and become aware of intuition.

Once a person had sat in ‘Awareness’ for sometime and the tutor felt that they were ready to begin connection to the Spirit, they would be invited into a ‘Development Circle’. In this circle they would develop their spiritual gifts and learn how to raise their vibrations and connect to Spirit.

All this would take time and not all the people who sat in the Awareness Circle would be invited to go on to the Development Circle to develop spiritual gifts.

Our current society has become so accustomed to ‘Immediate Gratification’ with the use of the internet and the benefits of email and texting that expectations are rather high with regard to the speed at which we receive things. However, when it comes to spiritual development the exact opposite is true, it can be slow and take time.

Mediums back in the 1800 and 1900's would have developed very naturally with guidance from experienced tutors and the Spirit World. They would sit and allow the Spirit to help them with development. Without the presence of may of the modern day distractions such as mobile phones and computers, their development would have been more pronounced. People would sit quietly at night beside an open fire with candle light, and this would be the perfect environment for the Spirit World to come close and connect with them.

When developing any spiritual ability dedication is key to development. I have come across a few people who are prepared to take time to develop correctly with dedication and patience and the results are clear from the support the individual receives from the Spirit.

The people who are dedicated and wish to develop in the correct way will enjoy the gifts that the Spirit bring by taking them through the wonderful steps of learning how to develop. This cannot and should not be rushed!

So often I see budding mediums who have developed for a short time, some only six or seven months, they think they are ready to deliver spirit communication to the public. If the medium is not well attuned and trained then this can bring difficulties with the communication from the spirit world.

However, we all have free will and we cannot stop people from going off and doing their own thing and making their own mistakes, perhaps that is how they need to learn that particular lesson.

As a medium we have a great responsibility to Spirit and to the people who seek us out for communication from their loved ones who have passed to spirit. Some come to the medium in a very vulnerable state and if the medium is not developed and experienced enough then this can have some very negative effects for the recipient.

I have created an opportunity for people to develop their Spiritual abilities in the traditional way. I now have two circles which I run on a weekly basis. The first circle is an ‘Awareness Circle’ which is held every Thursday evenings and a ‘Mediumship Development Circle’ which is held on Tuesday evenings in Glastonbury.

During an 'Awareness Circle’ you will be working to develop your psychic gifts and we will work with many different spiritual exercises to achieve this. During a ‘Mediumship Development Circle’ you will be guided to develop your attunement to the Spirit World and develop the ability of Mediumship as a channel for the Spirit.

When it comes to development of your psychic and spiritual gifts please take your time, be respectful to spirit and they will work with you and show you amazing things. Do not try to run before you can walk, enjoy the journey for it is often on the journey that we learn and experience the most and not upon arrival.

For more information please visit my website:

Many blessings to you all


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