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Development of the Psychic Gifts  
A 4 week Accredited course taken online in the comfort of your own home. 


During this course you you will begin to create awareness of and awaken your psychic gifts and  abilities. 


This course is suitable for all levels of awareness and development. 

Benefits of Psychic Development with Louisa  


  • ​Learn to listen to your soul’s messages

  • Become aware of your own inner abilities - psychic senses and intuition

  • Connect to your Higher Self

  • Learn to fine-tune your energy

  • Open up to a whole new world

  • Learn to raise your vibration

  • Grow yourself as an individual

  • Learn to be aware of your thought patterns and to control the mind

  • Learn to meditate

  • Master the skills needed to lead a peaceful life

  • Lead a more spiritualised, less materialistic life

  • Become aligned and centred in your spirit self enabling you to deal with any life challenges

  • Learn to see all challenges as opportunities for spiritual development

Development of the Psychic Gifts 


During this course you you will begin to create awareness of your psychic gifts and  abilities. 


You will earn how to tune in to your own unique gifts.

We begin the process of creating awareness of your energy and spiritual centres. 


 We will find the key to activate the senses of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience 

and start to take the next step towards being aware of the Spirit. 

 You will be carefully guided in ways of listening to your own intuition and how to tap into that very subtle sense. 


We will practice methods to awaken your very special and unique psychic abilities.


We are all born with psychic abilities and senses. As we journey through life we may shut them off or simply lose the ability to connect to them in a way which is so natural to us as human beings.


We are meant to be psychic and connected to our higher self, it's just that we have been cut off for so long.


Now is the time to awaken and connect to abilities which as natural to you as is your ability to breathe. 

What you will learn: 

  • The basic preparation for all spiritual development & work, grounding and protection.

  • Learning to feel and sense different energetic vibrations in the atmosphere

  • Activation of Clairvoyance, clairsentience & clairaudience

  • How to discern when the information is coming from your higher self, your intuition or is simply your imagination

  • Telepathy

  • What is the Aura & Learning how to see the Auric field

  • Auric field readings

  • How to deliver a psychic reading

  • Working with Psychometry

  • Inspirational Speaking & Writing

  • Pendulum Dowsing

  • How to tune into the psyche of another person to begin to read for them

  • How to give a reading using your psychic senses

A certificate is awarded upon completion of this course.


Here is what you get in the

  • Accredited Training 

  • Guided meditations to enhance your spiritual connections

  • Pre-recorded videos with Louisa  

  • Hand outs

  • Development Manual  

  • Weekly assignments to complete which will aid your development further and deepen your connection to your inner self & your psychci gifts.

  • Access to my email for questions during the course   

  • Certificate Upon Completion

Your Tutor

louisa-sullivan-spiritual-medium .jpg
Louisa Sullivan 
Glastonbury, UK

My passion is teaching and sharing the knowledge and experiences I have with others. 


I have gained thirty years experience working with all aspects of Spiritual Development from healing, psychic surgery, tarot, trance, physical mediumship, paranormal investigations, platform demonstrations and private sittings.


I have a ‘Teacher Training Certificate’ and have achieved an award in ‘Speaking and Demonstrating’ with the ‘Spiritualist National Union’ (SNU). 


I am a published author and I have also written many articles for the ‘Psychic News’ magazine.


I have been teaching and mentoring intensively both in groups and on a 1-2-1 basis for over 10 years both in the UK and in Germany.

I am the founder and president of The Spiritualist Centre of Avalon and the founder of The Starlight Spiritualist School.

I work very closely with the Spirit World and I often channel as I teach which brings a different dimension to the quality of the teaching as it is delivered from the Spirit. 

Student Testimonial

I attended Louisas seminar on mediumship development and found the information informative and well presented, louisa has a lovely energy and is very thorough and professional in how she brings her knowledge forward.


I found the material easy to follow, and the exercises that we carried out were fun and light, which for me made things easier.


There were people from different levels of abilities and I feel that Louisa managed to expand everyone's knowledge and understanding.


I highly recommend anyone attending a course with Louisa and even having a reading with her.


I will be booking again with her in the future.


Matthew Haines

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time each week do I need to set aside to do the homework?


The homework and some of the tasks are to be integrated on a daily basis. It really is up to you how long you can dedicate to each task. I would suggest a daily commitment of at least 1hour which will be spread out throughout the day. This will make more sense when we connect and I can share the tasks and homework with you.


I’m not sure if I have any real psychic or mediumistic potential - how do I know?


We are all born psychic and when we embark upon a spiritual journey we will be re-awakening our unique psychic and spiritual gifts which are within each one of us. It will become very clear as you begin this journey which gifts and abilities you have and which ones you like to work with, and it will be those gifts you may choose to develop.

Please contact me if you would like a complimentary zoom session to assess where you are in your development to help you make the correct choice.


Please contact me if you would like a complimentary zoom session to assess where you are in your development to help you make the correct choice.


t go and to heal.


I have a strong religious belief - I’m worried in case these teachings conflict with them.


With religions throughout the world we see a similar current of beliefs running through.  Religions are essentially spiritual in nature and the teachings are unlikely to conflict with your core religious beliefs. Nothing is forced in the mentorship and all I ask is that you come with an open mind and open heart and a willingness to develop yourself to your highest potential.

If you have a concern about a particular aspect, please contact me beforehand and I can hopefully put your mind to rest.


Does the course include practical exercises?


There will be a good balance of theory and practical work. You will be working with traditional methods to activate your psychic and spiritual abilities. We will practise methods of attunement to raise your vibrational frequency. 


You will be shown many exercises to enhance and strengthen your spiritual gifts. We will be using tools such as ribbons, colour, crystal, oracle cards, candle work, and so much more!  All exercises will all be designed to open up and strengthen your clairvoyance & clairsentience. You will work towards heightening your sensitivity which will open up a whole new world for you.


Is there 1-2-1 support?


I will be there as your personal mentor to carefully guide you through the process.

You will be provided with my email address so that you can ask questions at any time. 


What can I expect after I have completed the course?


This is a beautiful and magical journey of the soul, there will be much healing and many  ‘ah ha’ moments in this  transformational process which can be life changing

There will be no going back as you will feel the calling to embrace your innate spiritual gifts and you will have developed in such a way that you can now really understand that there is so much more to life than we can touch, feel and see. Certificates are issued after completion. 

Register Now

 To register for this course simply click on the product below. 

I can arrange a complimentary zoom session with you to assess where you are in your development to help you make the correct choice . 


Once you have registered below you will receive an email with instructions and confirmation.   



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