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About The Starlight Code 

I have created ‘The Starlight Code’ because I so often find in my seminars the people who come to me would really benefit from doing some inner work before they attempt to connect to the Spiritual World.


When you connect to your inner-self a very natural process of transformation will follow. 


At times we may not be able to control what is happening in our physical world to do with our family, friends, work situations or personal thoughts and feelings.


However, when you apply these common sense practical codes & connect to the inner self and work on that part of you, you will find that you not only cope much better with life, people and situations, but you will also find you are able to make life work for you in a way that you never before believed possible.


Working with The Codes brings magical situations and opportunities into your life.


The codes will provide you with the tools you need to ride the flow of life, to accept & work with change, and to work with the energy which is all around you.


Once the inner work has been done, then and only then can we connect to the Spirit. Connection will then come naturally & flow more easily. 


I felt there was a deep need to help people step by step, and show them how they can transform and change their lives by simply doing inner work  in a practical way.

The results of this program are outstanding and you will feel that from the very first step you take when you embark upon this magical journey.


These magical codes have been developed by me with the careful and close guidance of Spirit. 


The information you will receive on this transformational course comes from the inspiration of Spirit. These codes simply make perfect sense and are used in a very practical common sense way.


I have been working and living a spiritual life most of my life which have enabled me to gain experience in many fields of Spirituality. 


I mentor and coach people from all over the world and I have discovered that  before someone can help others they must first do their own inner work. When you begin to connect, heal & transform the inner self incredible shifts will take place.


This is the first step to creating the life you want, to living the life you are meant live.


You will discover magical ways of attracting the right people into your life so you can begin walk the path of Spirituality.

What will the course do for you?

Clearing out what no longer serves you and learning how to identify that and let go of it 


How to attract what you need 


The Energy Problem - how to take care of your own precious energy 


How to stay centred and controlled 


Dealing with Crisis and Adversity 


Manifesting inner peace in all areas of your life 

Learning magical methods to create the life you want and need


Purple Glow

There will live interaction each week to support you throughout your course 

Details about the Course 

This is 6 week course


Each week you will be guided to do your weekly tasks and learning to ensure you are well equipped to do your inner work.


You will be guided step by step to a better life and inner transformation.


Each week you will receive the following: 


1.   1-2-1 30 minute session with Louisa 

  1. A Guided Meditation with Louisa 

  2. Hand outs for each code delivered in PDF format  

  3. Email contact to Louisa should you have question

  4. Certificate upon completion 


The course focuses on the inner self to bring you into perfect balance through Mindfulness, thoughts, actions and emotions 

Once you have registered you will receive a welcome email confirming your place and you will be ready to begin your new journey

I offer affordable payment plans for this course 

Copy of easter resurrection sunday church flyer.jpg

 Affordable Payment Plan

You can register for only £14.20 per week for 6 weeks 

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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