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The Power of Patience

Just recently I discovered myself how important and vital patience is to success in all areas of life.

I am sure you have at times felt frustrated and found it difficult to know what to do and how to behave in certain situations and at certain times.

I had a very important decision to make over the last week, one which could be potentially life changing for me. I sat with this for a while and waited rather than rushing my decision. I was quiet and peaceful to allow my inner intuition and spirit to speak to me. I meditated on it and walked in nature, but no answer would come.

I also spoke to trusted friends about the decision I needed to make and I asked the universe for guidance. I could get no answers from either source. I realised then that I must have patience and wait for the answer to come, and this was the biggest challenge for me,

The frustration grew in me and I became upset and had no idea which way I should take this. The more I thought about it the more I realised I was using the mind faculty instead of intuition and feeling. I was too much in my mind and I know the mind does not help in decision making alone. I needed to feel in to my heart, being in the mind would not help me at all.

I knew the pressure was on me to make a decision but I was unable to come to one. I had a strong intuitive feeling that I should back out and that was worrying me as my intuition is not usually wrong. So I waited and waited until I could bare it no more.

I decided to go out and think of something else completely different and see some friends. That night I went to bed and asked again for help with this. In the morning I was speaking to a dear friend and they showed me how to find the answer. I followed what they had said and within three hours of more research I had my decision and my answer.

From then on everything began to flow again and things began to move forward for me.

Sometimes when we feel stuck and progress seems thwarted we need to surrender to it and allow things to manifest in their own time, this in turn allows the information to come to us and in the correct time and manner.

I just wanted to share that with you as I know we all go through similar things like this and it can be very challenging. I cannot stand to feel helpless and that is precisely how this situation made me feel.

Looking back over the last few days I can now see the importance of waiting and acting at the correct time. We always speak of ‘Diving Timing’ and this was a perfect example of that. If I had acted too soon I would have never reached the conclusion I came to,,and I may have missed out on a great opportunity.

By the way, the answer that I received was not a ‘yes or a ‘no’ , I was simply shown a different way of dealing with it and I was guided to take a different approach.

I say to you all out there who are going through difficult times or have challenging decisions to make, try as much as you can to firstly surrender to the outcome, ask for help and do not stop searching for the answer yourself, as the universe needs to see you are also taking some action towards finding your answers. This may sound like a paradox because we do need to surrender, but at the same time continue to do the work to find the answer, however, what we need to do is have no attachment to the outcome, to relax, have patience and trust that the correct situation will unfold.

f the answers are not coming, just wait, and have faith and trust that you will be shown the correct way forward for you, do not rush it.

The universe is never wrong and timing is never out. It is our human impatience which forces us at times to make incorrect and rash choices and decisions.

Much love and blessings to you all

Louisa Marie Sullivan

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