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How To Access Intuition

What is intuition

Intuition is the what is known as the sixth sense. It is the ability to access senses outside of the ‘normal’ senses of taste, smell, touch and hearing.

We are all born with the Psychic Faculty. However, as we develop & grow we may seem to lose this natural gift. The truth is, It is still within you awaiting to be awakened. The old adage ‘Use it or lose it’ is very relevant here. We do not completely lose our ability, but we may just simply need to switch on the light and fine tune.

Your intuition will guide you and when we listen and tune into it we can receive messages in many forms and different ways mainly a ‘gut feeling’ or sense that it just feels right or wrong.

Our intuition & psychic ability are our own internal ‘Satellite Navigation Systems’. We can tune in to these abilities to guide us through our lives, especially when we have important decisions to make, or when we need to develop relationships with others and generally living life to the full & avoiding pitfalls as much as we can.

How to access intuition

There are many ways to access your own unique intuition.

  1. Meditation

  2. Walking in nature

  3. Daydreaming

  4. Running

  5. Yoga

  6. Music

  7. Writing

  8. Art & drawing

  9. Connecting with animals

  10. Watching a beautiful sunset/sunrise

  11. Connecting with fire element

  12. Connecting with the sea, rivers and lakes

  13. Chanting

  14. Anything which allows you to connect with the deeper parts of yourself and to detach from the mind

Blessings Louisa

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