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The First Step to Inner Transformation

When we look to change something in our own lives we must first look within ourselves.

Our outer world is simply a reflection of our inner world. Meaning; that what we see in our physical and mundane world (our lives) is a reflection of what is going on within us.

We are powerful Spiritual Beings and we have created the world in which we live through our thought processes. This can be seen both collectively as humanity and as a singular person, in fact it all starts with the individual.

For many years people (particularly in the West) have been lead to believe that the main things which are important are not of a spiritual matter but are of the physical (material) world in which we live.

As children the conditioning begins. Our path is laid out before us and it is designed to lead us through a system. This system is one of education at school, university, achieving a good position within our career, getting a house, car and having a family, retiring at 65 and receiving a pension if we are fortunate enough.

There is no judgement regarding this system, however, what we can see as a result of this way of life is an increase in mental health issues and so much discontent. Many live in a state of stress and fear, and this ultimately leads to ill health both mentally and physically.

My point here is; within this system there is a fundamental key missing. This key is the path of connecting to our own spirituality. With knowledge of spirituality comes wisdom, love, peace and happiness.

The first step in understanding our own spirituality is to link to the awareness that we are indeed all spiritual beings. We are energy.

We know in physics that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply transforms into another form of energy. For example: When a kettle of water is boiled it reaches the boiling point and the water transforms to another form of energy which we know as steam. The energy of water has not been destroyed it has simply turned into another form of energy.

It makes perfect sense that we need to be clear in the understanding that if we are energy then our energy cannot be destroyed.

At the point of a physical death we leave the physical body behind and our energy continues on in the Spirit World.

Awareness of this fundamental fact changes lives because it removes mans greatest fear, the fear of death.

When we have the realisation that we cannot die and do not die, our life transforms.

I believe this is the first step to inner transformation. The realisation that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience in a physical body is powerful.

To know that we are energy, therefore we cannot be destroyed removes the fear of death which is so liberating.

Many blessings to you all

Louisa Sullivan

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