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Tapping into Inspiration

What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is when you are connected to the divine universal energy. It is when spirit touch the soul of the living. Allow us to consider the musician who is playing the violin, they are engrossed in their playing and in a kind of temporary oblivion or altered state. They may show the look of ecstasy on their face as they are being inspired to play their instrument.

Consider the writer who loses themselves in their writing. They may not need the food and water that the physical body usually requires, they too are in a state of temporary oblivion and are being inspired. They may lose all sense of time as they are engrossed in their work. All this is possible because of the source of inspiration which reaches their mind and their soul.

How about times you may have been in nature on a beautiful day and you smell the new flowers of spring. A beautiful feeling comes about you and you are touched on a very special level; this too is inspiration

How to Access Inspiration

Meditation is the first port of call to quieten the mind and allow the universal energy to begin to touch us on a soul level. This the first stage of inspiration.

Have you ever sat in meditation and had a very important question or needed help with some challenge in your life, upon coming out of meditation you have the answer which seemed to elude you before. Where has this answer come from? It has come from the universal energy, which has been able to touch your soul and inspire that part of you. After all your soul always knows what is best for you. It is when we ignore the feelings the soul sends to us that we make mistakes.

The simple act of walking in nature can bring inspiration to us. When we look a loved one with a love so strong, that too can awaken inspiration. When we are doing what we love then inspiration can flow.

Allow inspiration to become part of your normal day to day life, invite the universal energy to inspire you in all you do. See and feel the difference that can make to your outlook on life.

Above all create awareness of inspiration and learn to recognise when you are being touched by that very special and beautiful energy. After all we are all connected as one in this world. We are all spirit who are interconnected whether we like it or not.

Know that when we are inspired we not only help ourselves and increase connection to our higher self, but we are also helping others by touching their soul through inspiration.

Ways that we can receive inspiration



Walking in nature

Listening to music


Watching the ocean

Seeing the sunset

Looking at the moon

Feeling a love so strong for another

Please consider any other ways you think you might be inspired. When you are in the flow of inspiration use the wonderful gift wisely, make notes and work when inspiration is flowing for you.

Many blessings

Louisa Sullivan

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