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How To Protect your Energy Field

What is energy protection and how do we apply it.

On the earth plane are exposed to negative and positive forces which we feel especially if we are sensitive and empaths.

When we mention a negative energy we are referring to an energy that has a negative effect on our energy field. Have you ever experienced being in the company of somebody who drains you? Or upon entering a building you just don’t feel right? This can be due to the fact that you are sensing energy of a negative nature. If you are a sensitive person you may feel the effects of this by becoming suddenly tired, eyes become tired and you just simply feel drained.

Let's have a look at why this affects us? The fact is that all things are made up of energy. We can sense energy from all forms of living people and places we visit. Sometimes this energy is positive and can make us feel great, sometimes it may be negative and makes us feel not so great.

This brings us to the point of the feature which is energy protection. I have worked as a paranormal investigator for many years and through my own experience I have needed to constantly practice and re-enforce the protection field around me. I found this protection helps to prevent the effects of anything negative affecting me. When we work in the paranormal environment we are 'in the thick of it', this means we may be encounter some of the strongest forms of negative energy around.

It is therefore imperative that we protect ourselves both pre and post investigation.

Now we come to the meaning of protection. When a knight goes into battle he puts on his armour for protection from the enemy, a paranormal investigator will put on their protection prior to an investigation to protect them from the energies they may encounter. However, protection is still very beneficial in our daily lives for the regular person going about normal daily activities. So how do we apply the protection and how does it work?

Protection works by putting a positive energy field around your own body. We can also protect loved ones and our home, and this protection can act as a shield from any negativity which may be encountered. Negative energy can come from many different areas such as a negative person, negative thoughts, a negative spirit or a house built on an area which has previously experienced negative events.

We also need to be aware of our thoughts as thinking negative thoughts can also allow negative energy in and also affect the people we think about.

Negative entities thrive on negative energy and this can build up if not dealt with. For example: certain conditions can cause a negative energy field such as alcoholism and drug abuse which can build up energy that is not positive. This can also come from a negative spirit too. When the negativity is from a spiritual entity this type of energy affects individuals in a variety of different ways. It may be that a person experiences things going wrong in their lives, they may have a run of bad luck, if it is in the home things just don’t feel comfortable. They may experience ill health, tiredness and lethargy. Sometimes it is simply a feeling of a dark cloud following the person.

This is where protection is important and can be performed in a variety of ways. One way which I found worked for me is to visualise a white light coming from the universe above; it is a divine white light of love and energy and completely surrounds you from head to toe and is sealed at your feet. You can re-enforce this energy field at any time and can put it around your loved ones and your home.

Below are some of my personal tips for maintaining a pure energy field and environment:

  1. Smudging is so very beneficial. I use sage and smudge around my entire energy field while saying some prayers to clear the energy and replace any negative energy with positive vibrations.

  2. Connecting with the Divine and bringing down white light to surround you to form a bubble of protection from head to toe.

  3. Bathing with Epsom salts and essential oils.

  4. Walking in nature and grounding.

  5. Doing a house cleanse either monthly or when you feel it needs it. I work with the elements of nature when doing this and a good house cleanse really helps to lift the vibrations of your home.

  6. Thinking positive thoughts.

  7. Positive affirmations.

  8. Burning candles.

  9. Burning incense.

  10. Sound clearing using drumming or crystal bowls

  11. Sit in Meditation and ask your guides to work with you to clear your energy field.

Energy protection is a simple method of ensuring; as much as you can, that you and your loved ones are protected. So when you are out an about and you come across a situation which makes you feel tired or drained, simply re-enforce your protection. It can be done in thirty seconds by simply bringing down the light. This is your barrier and will shield you from the energy you are experiencing.

If you are experiencing anything in the home that is going wrong, and does feel negative in any way it might be advisable to seek professional advice from a paranormal investigation team or medium.

A wise man once said to me "We are only as protected as we think we are" . Thought is powerful and if we combine positive thought with the recommendations outlined above then we are on the right path to being as protected as we possibly can.

Much love to all


Louisa xxx

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