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How to make Great Decisions

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

When we are in the process of making decisions in our lives it is valuable to be able to access the art of discernment. This can be a very powerful tool to use.

What is Discernment?

Discernment is the ability of being able to look past perception and go deeper into the decision making process. It is being wise and being able to see what others may miss or fail to see.

When we use discernment in our decision making process we can ‘check in’ with our selves to make sure what we are doing is coming from a place of integrity, honesty and truth.

In this way we can do our very best so that we can live our life in alignment with our beliefs and values.

The decision making process

Before a decision is made about anything sit and feel into what you are considering. Ask yourself some questions. How does it make me feel? Does it flow with me? Does it feel good or not? Does it sit inline with my values? What is your heart saying to you? Listen for the messages you receive.

Take your time with this process. In this way you can avoid making decisions which are not in alignment with your higher self and not part of your path.

For example: You have a decision about a new career or job. The first thing to do when deciding if it is right you or not is to sit in meditation. Meditate with the intention to gain insight into the career/job. Make a mental note of feelings which come up for you during the meditation. Make sure you are in your heart and not in the mind, and really feel into the emotion and feelings you experience.

When you come out of meditation write down what it is that you have experienced. When you are making your decision be sure and do not rush to reach the answer, trust that it will come at the right time for you. It is best not to force things, simply relax and allow it to happen naturally.

Set the intention that you will not commit to something that does not feel right for you. If you are receiving feelings of doubt sit with that and ask to be shown why you are getting the feeling. Introducing this process will also help you to understand yourself much more deeply.

You can apply this process to any decision that you need to make in your life. It is a very powerful process and can prevent you from taking the wrong turn and having regrets later on.

Take your time and above all enjoy the process knowing you are always guided, know that your soul will always know which path is right for you.

Lots of love and blessings


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