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How to Access Miracles

There is a saying which goes ‘What is mine will always find me, what isn’t will never come my way’.

A very dear friend of mine shared this with me and in many ways it has changed my life.

When we can adopt this attitude and frame of mind several things happen which put a succession of events into place which can lead to inner contentment and happiness.

This attitude puts us into a state of acceptance and surrender.

In turn we then relax about our lives and miracles are able to happen.

In this state of acceptance we become free of any attachment to situations, people and places etc.

When we stop chasing things and trying to make things happen and just simply allow a very magical thing occurs.

We are able to live in a state of bliss. In this state we find happiness and walk in line with the Universe and with ourselves. It enables us to become more aligned.

You ccess bliss and happiness. In this state of mind ‘Miracles’acan occur in your own life. fe. e. ibility for our lives. For example: if we want to get a particular job, we need to search for the job and apply for it. This is our responsibility. After that we may need to attend an interview. After the interview It is at this point that we need to adopt the state of mind of ‘What is mine will come to me, what is not mine will not’ and relax.

In this way we know we have played our part in applying for the job. We are content in the knowledge that we have done our best in the application and the interview (remember your best is your own personal best and not someone else’s so never compare yourself to others). Now we leave it alone. We learn the art of patience and acceptance of what will be.

The job will come to you if it is for your highest good and for the highest good of all. If it does not come to you, know you did your best but the Universe is giving you a very clear message, it was not meant for you. Rest-assured that something else which is meant for you will come at precisely the right divine time.

We can apply this attitude to all areas of our lives. Relationships is a great example. We can so often feel attached to a person, and feel in need. Sometimes we look for a person to bring us happiness and fulfilment. However, we are the only person on the planet who can bring those things to ourselves (this is another blog entirely which I shall write about soon).

The more we can be in non-attachment and relaxation the more in the flow of life we become and the things which are right for us come to us at the perfect time.

The message is; to find true happiness and to allow what is right for you to come to you simply follow this process:

  1. Take the necessary action to make the thing you want happen (if it is a job, apply for it, if it is a relationship go on the date, if it is home view the home etc).

  2. Once you have taken the necessary action, relax. Adopt the attitude of ‘What is mine will always find me, what isn’t will never come my way’.

  3. Tune into the frame of mind of acceptance of what is and surrender.

  4. Become free of attachment to any outcome.

  5. Do not chase things. If the door remains closed at this time do not force it open.

  6. In this way you will become truly aligned to your true self, your true purpose and to the Universe.

  7. You can now access bliss and happiness. In this state of mind ‘Miracles’ can occur in your own life.

Blessings & love to you all

Louisa Sullivan

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