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Emergency Rescue Ritual

At times in our lives we all experience stress and very challenging situations.

These times will be there whether we like it or not or whether we deal with it or not.

I see those times as opportunities to grow and to learn. It is when we are experiencing some of our darkest times that the growth can be the biggest step forward and the greatest opportunity to learn.

One thing that is very helpful during these times is to be aware of our attitude to what is happening to us. The situation is there and it may not be changing currently but what we can change is the way we perceive and deal with it.

What do I mean by this?

Allow me to give you an example: you may have a situation where you have been fired or lost your job. The fact that you have been fired is not going to change, but how you react to it is the all important factor. So you have been fired and you can choose to see it as an opportunity for a positive change to find a new career, or you can choose to see it as devastating and a terrible thing to have happened to you which will bring you down and potentially disempower you to make some positive steps. You see it is all about how we think, we can think positively or we can think negatively, it is our choice entirely.

When we make a positive choice to think positively about a situation we are claiming back our own power, so choose wisely and always choose the positive in any situation. When one looks deeply enough one can always find some positive in most situations.

How to deal with challenges

What do do when you lose all sense of hope and direction - Hit the reset button QUICK!

  • Sit beside a fire on a waning moon cycle (if possible) and surrender all that is not working into the fire. While doing this chant the ‘Maha Mantra’ using mala beads (recommended).

  • When finished plan out your day to day routine

  • Do everything slowly

  • Eat pure foods (slowly)

  • Meditate at least twice a day (AM & PM)

  • Become conscious of mind activity (move out of the mind and into the heart)

  • Stay connected to the three aspects of the tree of life (do the ‘Tree of life’ Meditation)

  • Take a hot salt bath and pamper yourself

  • Clear your energy at least once a day with Sage, or burn Frankincense and Copal on a charcoal disc

  • Relax and breath and put love into your heart

  • Radiate love to all whom you come into contact with. Put a pink bubble of light all around you

  • Make new goals and implement them.

Good luck and many blessings to you

Louisa Sullivan

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