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Ceremony to Plant Seeds for the Future

Today is the day after Samhain. At Samhain we traditionally release all that no longer serves us in our lives. We collect small wooden twigs and sticks from the surrounding areas and burn them on the Samhain fire while releasing anything we no longer need. This could be a relationship, friendship, job, situation, a habit or perhaps it's just an inner feeling that we are not good enough.. whatever it is we wish to let go of Samhain is the time to do it.

Things we can potentially release: (I am sure there will be many more or different things you can think about that you can release. Below are some suggestions).

  • Attachments to people, places and things

  • Releasing old ways of life which no longer serve

  • Releasing of a relationship

  • Releasing of a job

  • Releasing of a friendship

  • Releasing of a way of thinking

  • Releasing addictions to food, caffeine, alcohol & drugs

  • Release mind thought ( living too much in the mind)

  • Releasing addicted though patterns

  • Releasing certain routines in our lives

After the releasing has been completed we now begin the process of planting new seeds for our future. If we consider the natural path of nature, now is the time that we plant seeds in our garden. We leave them there to germinate for many months until they are activated by the first stirrings of life at the beginning of Spring at Imbolc in February the following year.

Now is the time for you to plant your very own seeds of intention and allow them to settle and to grow when the time is exactly right. We can plant seeds of intention about anything we wish to draw to us or improve upon in our lives.

iThings that we can plant seeds of intention for: ( this list is just an example and I am sure there are many more things you can think of to improve your life in someway that will be personal to you)

  • A new career

  • Improvement in an existing job

  • A new relationship

  • Healing of an existing relationship

  • Self love

  • Improved self confidence

  • Improved social life

  • Improve positive thought

  • Improved mental fitness

  • Improved physical fitness

  • Improved connection to the Spirt

  • To feel more connected to the inner self

Below is a sample of a ceremony that I do when planting my seeds of intention. Please feel free to follow my Ceremony or to perform your very own. We all have our own unique ways of working.

Ceremony for Planting Seeds of Intention:

You will need:

A Samhain Candle (or a white one if not available)

Samhain Incense (or any you prefer)

Parchment Paper

Blue Ink

White Cotton material

A list of your seeds of intention

  1. Prepare your self in your own magical way. Perhaps spiritual bathing and a change of clothes if you can.

  2. Prepare your sacred space. Decide where you wish to perform your ceremony. Maybe you have a special area in your home or perhaps you prefer to work outside in nature. Do whatever feels right to you.

  3. Once you have chosen your sacred space, light a candle (A Samhain one if you have it or if not a white candle)

  4. Burn some incense (Samhain incense or any that you prefer)

  5. Prepare your self by spending a few minutes in meditation to bring yourself into your magical space

  6. Place a protective circle around you. Calling in the directions & the elements of East (air), South (Fire), West ( Water), North ( Earth). Ask that they keep a protective circle around you while you work and call in your guides and helpers.

  7. When you feel relaxed allow attention to go to your list of seeds of intention

  8. Begin one by one to write them on the parchment paper with the blue ink

  9. Once your list is complete, hold the list above the incense and ask that all your intentions be heard and read them out loud

  10. Send gratitude to the Universe, to the spirit world and your guides and helpers for hearing your intentions

  11. Fold your parchment paper and wrap it in the white cotton material & put it somewhere you consider to be magical, I put mine in my book of Shadows

  12. Close down your circle, and gently put out the candles giving thanks to the element of fire

On the next new moon remind yourself of your intentions for the coming year, in this way you are watering the seeds you have planted.

Finally make sure you always have fun with your magical work and really feel your intentions in your heart as this will ensure your magic is much more powerful and your intentions really do come to fruition.

Many blessings


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