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 Mediumship Mentorship Course
Begins on 23. September 2023

This is a 3 part course, each part is 4 weeks in duration 
 I have designed this course to be suitable for all levels of awareness and development. 
I can arrange a complimentary zoom session with you to assess where you are in your development to help you make the correct choice  
 It is an 12 week course for
Inner Transformation, Connection to Spirit
& Spirit Communication


Course Description 

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During the mediumship mentorship I will be taking you by the hand and guiding you towards the path of inner transformation &  Mediumship.

This is a life changing journey. 

The course is designed to develop your psychic gifts, connect to your higher self and eventually to the Spirit to deliver Spirit Communication. 

Each part of the course is a four week journey of mentorship with Louisa


A home study course with Louisa's support

Part 1 - We begin with part 1 where you will take the transformational journey of the inner self creating awareness of your own spirit and higher self. 

Part 2 -  Dur