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Mediumship Development Circle 

 An eight week course designed to begin and develop the process of attunement to the Spirit World

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About the Course 

Once you have reached a certain level of development with awareness of the inner self and spirit within (as in attending a psychic awareness circle) you may feel ready to step things up an begin developing and attuning to the spirit world to develop mediumship. 


Mediumship is the communication with the spirit world, for example: a well attuned and developed medium will be able to connect with loved ones who have passed on to the spirit world and to bring loving messages and evidence of continued life. It is the responsibility of the medium to deliver these messages in an accurate, loving and compassionate way to the recipient. 


During a Mediumship Development Circle you will learn how to attune to the spirit world, how to blend your energy with the spirit and use your own senses of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience to interpret the messages the spirit wish to bring. You will learn how to become sensitive to the spirit world and how to sense their subtle energies. 


You will learn how to: 


Know when spirit are with you

How to attune to Spirit

Identify your communicator 

Interpret their subtle messages using your senses 

Use symbology in your mediumship 

Strengthen your connection to Spirit 

Use Timelines in your mediumship to get significant dates and times 

Describe the personality and physical appearance of the communicator 

Deliver memories of the communicator 

Delivering the message / the reason they have to come 

Deliver an evidential communication 


And so much more! 

You will need to be invited to attend this course.


Please feel free to get in touch with me to find out more.


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