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The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is today (20. March 2023) at 9.24pm.

This beautiful festival is often called Ostara which means the festival of fire. There are equal hours of light and dark as we celebrate and honour the Mother of Rebirth. During this time and turning of the wheel we can paint eggs which symbolise the rebirth of after the long dark months of Winter.

The Earth really does come alive now, the stirrings of Imbolc (February 2.) now come to full bloom and the preparations in nature begin for the blooms of Summer in June at the Summer Solstice.

At this time we pray for the light to enter any place in our own lives to diminish the darkness within. We ask for courage and enthusiasm on our spiritual path.

It is a powerful time to manifest. Below is a little ceremony I am sharing with you for Manifestation.

Ceremony for Manifestation

Items needed

  • Parchment paper

  • Purple ink

  • Pen for writing with ink (if this is not available use a blue pen)

  • Incense of Colophony, Frankincense and dragons blood

  • 1x White Candle


  • Light the white candle

  • Prepare yourself and prepare your magical space

  • Light incense and put it on a charcoal disc

  • Write your manifestation /prayers on the parchment paper using the purple ink

  • Visualise with all your power and focus on the vision you wish to manifest

  • Bring your hands together, fingers to a point and focus all your energy on that point where the fingers meet, keep visualising this will all your heart.

  • All the energy to build

  • Release the energy you have build up with outstretched arms pointing up to the Universe and let it go.

  • Ground your energy and take down your circle and send thoughts of thanks to Spirit and to the Universe for receiving your prayers.

Wishing you all a very happy Spring Equinox

Many blessings


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