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How to Make a New Year Resolution Successful

Each year many of us make a ‘New Year Resolution’. This is traditionally something that we vow to keep; for example: giving up smoking or starting a new exercise regime. For me there is a fundamental flaw with the process of setting New Year Resolutions and that is, we may not necessarily be working in the cycles of the Moon and therefore our well intended resolution can be doomed for failure.

This New Years Eve I was asked what I would like to let go of, I could put it on a piece of paper and it would be burnt in the fire after midnight.

There was a little problem with this for me. I work very closely with the cycles of the Moon and at the time of NYE we were in a waxing moon phase which means the moon is getting bigger ready to be full and it is traditionally the time to bring things to you and not release them. When we work with the cycles of the moon it is the waning (getting smaller) phase of the cycle that we release what we do not want and what no longer serves us.

So you see this request on NYE to release what I no longer wanted did not resonate with me.

Then another friend said to me ok what do you want to bring to you tonight and for the New Year. I told him that I have no request at all because I am constantly working with this process throughout the entire year of each monthly moon cycle. I am continually working with releasing and attracting. I also explained to him that I was in the process of working through something with the current moon cycle and I did not wish to interfere with the process at work.

So you see for me personally setting a New Year resolution would not work because it is something I work carefully with constantly all year round.

I know many of my friends and family who set new year resolutions and they cannot keep them come the end of January. This got me thinking about why so may fail. Yes it could be that they may not be in alignment with the cycles of the moon, but could there also be something else which affected the success of the resolutions?

I know that for any kind of goal/manifestation to work one must REALLY want it and must believe they can achieve it. There needs to be a commitment to make it work. One must see it as if it has already happened and has been achieved which brings it into the present moment for us and makes it a reality.

If there is any shadow of doubt about the resolution it may not manifest and could fail. This in turn sets us up for the January and February blues and feeling that we have failed the quest of our New Year Resolution.

For success in all your manifestations and resolutions my suggestion would be the following :

  1. Make sure you really mean what you are wanting to achieve with your resolution - You need to really want it

  2. Really see it and feel it and know you have achieved it already

  3. If you work with the cycles of the moon make sure you are in the correct cycle for what you wish to do

  4. Take action everyday to achieve what ever it is you have set out for the New Year

  5. Work with this process throughout the year and connect with the cycles of the Moon

  6. Be determined and do not give up

Many blessings

Louisa Sullivan

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