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 Accredited & Certified Course

With Starlight Spiritualist School 










This is a four week online course which you can take in the comfort of your own home.

The course is suitable for all levels of development including beginners.


You may have heard the term ‘Our thoughts create our life’. There is really nothing truer than this.


During this course we look at ways you can master your mind and control your thoughts, therefore creating the right chemistry in your body and living a more content, healthy and happy life.



What I will learn: 

  • What does it mean to become master of my own mind?

  • Understanding how the mind functions.

  • The different planes of consciousness.

  • Why is mindfulness important in the development of spiritual practice?

  • Becoming more mindful. Where to begin.

  • Focus on the 4 rights - Right Thought, Right Feeling, Right Speech, Right Action

  • Karma

  • What to do with energy as it comes your way?

  • Mastering the ‘Chitter Chatter’ of the Mind.

  • Manifestation & Intention

  • How to deal with challenges - The Emergency Rescue Ritual

  • The Morning ritual

  • The Evening ritual

  • Practical exercises to become more mindful.

Benefits of the course with Louisa  

  • Accredited Training with Certificate upon completion 

  • Learn to become aware of the thoughts you are thinking

  • Learn how to filter your thoughts  

  • Learn how to become the 'Watcher on the Bridge' to observe your thoughts

  • Learn to control the chitter chatter of the mind

  • Receive guidance from your 'Higher Self' 

  • Learn how to make your thoughts a high vibrational frequency

  • Learn how to live a more high vibe life by becoming master of your own thinking 

  • Live a happier more content and peaceful life 

  • Experience good health and become less prone to illness and ill health 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course suitable for?


The course is suitable for all levels of development including beginners.


Why is it important to master thoughts to enhance all spiritual practices?


Learning to focus the mind is the precursor to all spiritual practice including mediumship, healing, trance, manifestation and so much more!  A well trained mind will be the perfect breeding ground for positive thought and positive high vibrational energy to manifest. When we can be masters of our own mind our spiritual practices become clearer, much more aligned and more powerful.


So often my mind is all over the place and I have trouble getting it to quieten down, how will this course help?


During the course you will not only learn how the mind functions you will also be taught very simple methods to control the thoughts so that you can discern which thoughts to let in to manifest and which ones to delete. You will learn how to hit the ‘reset’ button and become aware of what you are thinking and ultimately how it is making you feel. As a result you will find that your mind very naturally begins to take on a much calmer quality and serene vibe. This will quieten the ‘chitter chatter’ of the mind allowing you to develop a happy disposition whatever happens in your life.


What will I receive each week?


Each week you will be sent via email the following:

  • Manual on the subjects being addressed

  • Guided Meditations

  • Pre-recorded videos

  • Homework to complete


Does the course include practical exercises?


There will be a good balance of theory and practical work.


Is there 1-2-1 support?


I will be there to carefully guide you through the process.

You will be provided with Louisa's email address so that you can ask questions at any time. 


What can I expect after I have completed the course?


This is a beautiful and magical journey of the soul, there will be much healing and many  ‘ah ha’ moments in this  transformational process which can be life changing

Will I receive a Certificate when I complete the course?


Upon completion of the full course you will receive a certificate.








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