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This course is suitable for all levels of awareness and development. 

Saturday 27. July  2024 

What is Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing is an ancient art of using energy to provide ease to the physical, spiritual & emotional body. It has been used for thousands of years and is a very natural way of bringing comfort to another.


Healing energy is brought from Spirit, through Spirit and to Spirit as the energy works through the channel which is you, the Medium. As energy passes through to the recipient it will be sent to areas of the body which are in need.


The energies can be felt by the recipient when administered by a competent healer. Some people may respond better to healing than others and we will be covering more about this during the seminar.


During this seminar you will learn about the basics of Spiritual Healing. You will get to know your healing guides and helpers and learn how to channel healing energy vibrations to another in a safe and effective way.


Who is the seminar suitable for?


This seminar is suitable all students who wish to learn about the healing aspect. It is a seminar for all levels of spiritual development.


Do I need to have done healing training before I attend this seminar?


This seminar is designed for for complete beginners so there is no requirement for any previous training.


What will I learn?


  • What is Healing

  • Getting to know your Healing Guides

  • Can all People become Healers?

  • How does healing energy work?

  • Understanding Healing Energies

  • Hands on Healing

  • Distant Healing

  • Why Some Healing does not work

  • How can patients help themselves

  • Taking on a patients condition

  • How to conduct a practical healing session

Your Tutor

louisa-sullivan-spiritual-medium .jpg
Louisa Sullivan 
Glastonbury, UK

My passion is teaching and sharing the knowledge and experiences I have with others. 


I have gained thirty years experience working with all aspects of Spiritual Development from healing, psychic surgery, tarot, trance, physical mediumship, paranormal investigations, platform demonstrations and private sittings.


I have a ‘Teacher Training Certificate’ and have achieved an award in ‘Speaking and Demonstrating’ with the ‘Spiritualist National Union’ (SNU). 


I am a published author and I have also written many articles for the ‘Psychic News’ magazine.


I have been teaching and mentoring intensively both in groups and on a 1-2-1 basis for over 10 years both in the UK and in Germany.

I am the founder and president of The Spiritualist Centre of Avalon and the founder of The Starlight Spiritualist School.

I work very closely with the Spirit World and I often channel as I teach which brings a different dimension to the quality of the teaching as it is delivered from the Spirit. 

 To register for this seminar simply see below and you will receive an email confirming your place once you have booked on.


There is an Early Booking Price until 30. June 2024 





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