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All my sessions can be conducted on Zoom/ Skype or Telephone as well as in person. 


When you book this particualar sitting you will have the option of having your session on Zoom, Skype or Telephone 


Once you have booked your session I will be intouch to arrange a suitable time for your appointment. 


During a Spiritual Assessment we will work with the Spirit to gain insight into your own unique spiritual path. Everyones path is different and you will have been gifted very special abilities from the spirit which you may already be aware of or perhaps not. 


During our session you will discover these gifts and abilities and be given guidance on how best to utilise them to attain your purpose in life. 


Spiritual Assessment 45 mins on Zoom/Skype/Telephone

  • Sessions can be conducted in person in Glastonbury, over the phone, or by video call 

    Once you have booked your session we will be in touch to confirm what you would prefer

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