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A Tarot Reading is the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into past present and future aspects of your life. We can look at what is going on around you now and how decisions you make now can affect your immediate and long term future. 


Some subjects people ask about are: 


  • Help making a decision 
  • Brief look into a relationship 
  • Job issues & problems with people you are working with 
  • Friendships 
  • House moves 
  • How to deal with a break up 
  • A quick question about your spiritual development 
  • Business decisions 
  • Employment 


The list is really endless as to what I can look into for you when working with the Tarot


A Tarot Reading can be conducted in person in Glastonbury or in Zoom/Skype or Telephone 


Once you have booked your reading with me I will be in touch to see how you wish to received your reading. 

Tarot Card Reading 45 mins on Zoom/Skype/Telephone

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