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All my sessions can be conducted on Zoom/ Skype or Telephone as well as in person. 


When you book this particualar sitting you will have the option of having your session on Zoom, Skype or Telephone 


Once you have booked your session I will be intouch to arrange a suitable time for your appointment. 


A relationship reading is conducted on a psychic level but at times the Spirit will come close to share their guidance on the situation, so it can be a combination of psychic and mediumship guidance for you during your reading. 


We will look deeply into the dynamics of the relationship whether it be romantic, friendship or family. 


You may discover which things are working well and which things are not working, and also find solutions to making improvements where necessary. 


During our time together I will firstly work with the Tarot and Astrology to find your relevant card in the deck. For example: if you are an Aries lady I would pull out the Queen of Wands which represents the Aries star sign, if you are a Scorpio man I would find the King of Cups in the Tarot deck and then lay the two corresponding cards onto my reading cloth. I will then pull cards so that we can really look into what is really going on between you. 


There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions too during your reading with me. I have helped many people to receive a greater understanding of their relationships and what makes them work/ or not work if the case may be. 


When we understand the other people in our lives it really helps us to work on the relationship and make changes where and if necessary to improve the quality of our lives and the lives of others too. 


All readings can be conducted face to face in Glastonbury, over the Telephone, Zoom or Skype. I will email you once you have booked out time together to ask how you would like to connect. 


Relationship Reading 45 mins on Zoom/Skype or Telephone

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