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Beginning Mediumship Seminar


The subtle art of Spirit Communication 


1 Day Seminar in Glastonbury 

Saturday 9. December 2023 10am till 5pm 




The Avalon Centre. 1 Kings Street. Glastonbury BA6 9JY


Seminar Description: 


During this one day seminar in Glastonbury we will begin the process of opening up to the ‘World of Spirit’. 


The Spirit World is all around us, at times the Spirit can come close to our dimension and lower their frequency so that we are able to sense, see, feel and know them. For this to occur we need to learn how to raise our vibrational frequency so that a connection can be made between the two worlds. 


It is vital that all potential mediums learn how to ‘Attune’ to the Spirit World. We are like ‘little antennas’ picking up and tuning into different wave lengths and frequencies in our atmosphere. As we train to develop the art of ‘Mediumship’ we learn to discern what the frequencies are that we are sensing. A finely tuned medium will be able to differentiate when the sensations are coming from the spirit world or our 3D reality (the world of Matter). 


During our time together we begin the process during this seminar. You will be carefully guided through the different levels of ‘Attunement’. There will be channelled guided meditations and exercises to ‘tune you in’ to the world of spirit. 


Who is this seminar good for? 


This seminar is perfect for people who have had a little previous experience in spiritual practice and meditation (but it is not essential). 


What you will learn: 


  • Beginning mediumship
  • Sitting for Spirit & Attunement  
  • Awareness of the spirit world and when they are close 
  • Calling cards - how to tell when your guide joins you
  • Blending with your guide for a much deeper connection
  • How spirit communication occurs - the mechanics of mediumship 
  • How to focus your attention, and how that helps mediumship and all spiritual work
  • Making and maintaining the connection to Spirit
  • Building trust in Spirit 
  • Beginning to sense the other world and identifying who as joined you from the spirit world
  • The structure of a spirit reading (private sitting) 

Beginning Mediumship Seminar