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Beginning Mediumship 
1 Day Seminar in Glastonbury 

Saturday 16. September 

10am till 5pm 

At the Avalon Centre 

1 Kings Street



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About the Seminar 

In part 1 we have connected with the Etheric Body, the Spiritual aspect of who we are, we activated the centres of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. We learned about intuition and psychic gifts and connected with our Spirit Guides. We learned the importance of grounding and protection and touched upon the Chakras. We began to make a connection to our own spirit and to the spirit world through the aspect of Mediumship. 


In Part 2 we begin the process of stepping things up a little. I always like to ensure that what has already been learnt has been integrated so I will dedicate a little time to speak with you about your progress and experiences. 


During this seminar we will be working more closely with the Spirit World and more deeply with our own spiritual abilities. I will be talking to you about different spiritual subjects which be be accompanied by a meditation and practical exercise to enhance and integrate the subject: for example: if we I speak to you about the Auric field I will then take you through a meditation to connect with your energy field and then do the practical exercise to see the Aura of another person and to work with the clairvoyant faculty and clairsentience. 


When I teach I  like to tune into each individual student so that I can ascertain where you are in your development and how you are working with your inner spirit and the spirit world. 


What you will learn: 


  • The Different Facets of Mediumship

  • Telepathy  

  • The importance of focussed attention

  • Using ‘Symbology’ in Mediumship 

  • The Aura & How to see the Aura 

  • Deeper work with the third eye, clairaudience and clairsentience

  • Inspiration & Inspirational Speaking & Writing 

  • Making a connection to Spirit 

  • How to know when you have come out of your power and how to reconnect again 

  • The structure of a private sitting 

  • Beginning to deliver a private sitting 

Who is the Seminar Suitable for ?

Beginners/Intermediate & Experienced 


If you already have some knowledge and practical experience of working with the inner self and with Spirit this course will provide the perfect environment for you to grow and strengthen your connection to your own inner spirit and the Spirit World.


I will be introducing you to some new methods of connecting your psychic abilities and to the Spiritual World.


This seminar is good for people who have had some experience with spiritual development but not essential as it is also suitable for beginners who have  a keen curiosity to learn more about the two worlds. 

What People Say 

I attended Louisas seminar on mediumship development and found the information informative and well presented, louisa has a lovely energy and is very thorough and professional in how she brings her knowledge forward.


I found the material easy to follow, and the exercises that we carried out were fun and light, which for me made things easier.


There were people from different levels of abilities and I feel that Louisa managed to expand everyone's knowledge and understanding.


I highly recommend anyone attending a course with Louisa and even having a reading with her.


I will be booking again with her in the future.


Matthew Haines 

The Benefits of the Seminar 

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  • You will learn how to focus your attention. Focussed attention is the pre-curser to all spiritual development and meditation. Once you know how to focus your attention you will find that your spiritual development and all the work you do will have more power and direction.

  • You will learn about your own unique symbols and what they mean to you in your psychic and mediumship delivery. The spirit often work with symbols through the aspect of clairvoyance and during our time together we will do an exercise so that you are able to clearly know what the symbols mean to you. 

  • We will begin to work on a deeper level with the Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience so that you are beginning to become more sensitive when using these energy centres. 

  • Through the faculty of Clairvoyance you will begin to learn how to tune into and see the Auric field around others, and using your clair sentience learn how to do an Aura reading. 

  • You will learn the very clear difference between meditation and attunement and I will take you on a journey to attune more clearly to the spirit world. 

  • We will begin the process of working with inspiration through writing and speaking inspirationally.

  • You will learn how to recognise when you have come out of your power and when the connection to spirit has finished. 

  • We will touch on the structure of a private sitting and I will guide you to touch on the beginning of giving a private sitting (spirit reading). 

Your Tutor 

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Spiritual Medium 

Louisa Sullivan 

I am a medium and spiritual teacher.


My passion is to teach and share my experience and knowledge of mediumship with others to help them grow and learn in their own way.

I bring over thirty years of experience in spiritual development work ranging from healing, psychic surgery, tarot, trance, physical mediumship, paranormal investigations, platform demonstrations to private sessions.


I have a 'Teacher Training Certificate' and have also passed my award in 'Speaking and Demonstrating' with the 'Spiritualist National

Union' (SNU).


I am an author and have written many articles for Psychic News magazine as well as a book. I have been teaching intensively for over 10 years, both as a mentor and on a 1-2-1 basis and in groups.


I share my experience and knowledge in my seminars and events to help others on their path. I work very closely with the spiritual world during my teaching and receive information from there for the training of my participants. This adds another dimension to the quality of the teaching as it comes from the spiritual world.


Have you ever wondered how mediums can tell when they are communicating with the spirit world? 


You will begin to learn how to know when the spirit are close to you and we will work with exercises to help you to feel the difference and to know when the information is coming from you or another source. 


Do you ever receive feelings and thoughts which do not feel like they come from you? 


During this seminar we will explore your own abilities and begin the process of differentiating when the feelings and sensations are coming from you or from spirit.


Are you curious about the spirit world and how they communicate? 


We will be discussing how communication occurs and the mechanics of mediumship so that you can understand how it works. When we have knowledge about how something works we can understand it much clearer. 


Would you like to learn how to move out of the mind and into a more spiritual space? 


During our time together I will be taking you through some beautiful meditations to quieten the chatter of the mind and move into more of a spiritual space so that you can feel and listen to the subtle energies of the spiritual world and begin to feel the difference between the two worlds. 

How  Can I Register? 

If  you are unsure if this seminar is suitable for you, I am happy to arrange a short Zoom or Telephone  call to discuss with you.


Please Contact me To Arrange a Telephone or Zoom Call

If you would like to book on now please see the Item below.

once you have made the payment I will email  you the confirmation and details about the seminar. 

I am offering an 'Early Bird' price until 16. August.

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