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How To Develop Mediumship 
The Foundations 
An Online Mini

About the Course

This is a three part mini course which you can take in your own time online


You will learn 3 simple steps which you can implement now! 


If you implement these 3 simple steps you will be able to achieve: 


  1. A more focussed mind

  2. Better attunement to the spirit within and without 

  3. Become a clearer channel for the Spirit with raised vibrational frequency


I will share with you ‘easy to do practices and methods’ to enable you to lay strong foundations for your spiritual development & mediumship 


As step by step guide in an easy to follow way which focusses upon the 'Traditional Methods' of Spiritual & Mediumship Development


Who is this course suitable for 


  • Beginners - It will help to ensure you have strong foundations for your development in all areas

  • Intermediate - You may discover some essential practices to assist your development 

  • Advanced - it will push the ‘Reset Button’ for you 


What you will learn


Step 1 - How to get started with your development and setting your intention. In this we look at the reasons why  you wish to develop as a Medium and I share with  you my story about how I got started


We Cover: 


  • Setting Your Intention 

  • Your Inner Work 

  • Development of Your Psychic Gifts 

  • Meditation 


Step 2 - Sitting for The Spirit 


How to Attune yourself to the Spirit, when you do this  you will achieve a more focused mind and clearer connection to the Spirit 


We Cover: 


The Difference between meditation & sitting for spirit 

The importance of focussed attention 

Methods of focusing the mind 


Step 3-  Raising Vibrational Frequency


I will share with you ways that you can become a clear channel for the Spirit. When you implement these methods you will naturally raise your own vibration which makes way for clearer and more natural communication with the spirit world. 


We Cover: 


The importance of positive thought 

Foods for fuel and vibration 

The importance of exercise 



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