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4th  DECEMBER 10.30am till 4pm 

To Be Held In Glastonbury 

Inspirational Writing 

Inspiration is when we are connected to the divine universal energy. It is when spirit touch the soul of the living 


Allow us to consider the musician who is playing the violin, they are engrossed in their playing and in a kind of temporary oblivion or altered state


They may show the look of ecstasy on their face as they are being inspired to play their instrument

Writing by the Water
Writing by the Water

What is Inspiration

Consider the writer who loses themselves in their writing, They may not need the food and water that the physical body usually requires, they too are in a state of temporary oblivion and are being inspired. They may lose all sense of time as they are engrossed in their work. All this is possible because of the source of inspiration which reaches their mind and their soul.  


How about times you may have been in nature on a beautiful day and you smell the new flowers of spring. A beautiful feeling comes about you and you are touched on a very special level; this too is inspiration. 


When you listen to a speaker on the stage and they grab your attention, you are engrossed in what they are saying and you too lose all sense of time, that is because the speaker is being inspired and that energy of inspiration touches your soul. You are feeling the inspiration and it will be affecting the audience in a positive way.

What we will cover 

During this one day workshop you will receive the opportunity to tap into the beautiful energy of inspiration. 


We will be working on activating your own ability to be inspired and exploring your own unique ways of being inspired. Is it through writing? Music? Meditation? or Speaking? 


There will be beautiful meditations for you to access your higher self and the inspiration of the Spirit. 


You will have the chance to write your own inspirational pieces and to share with the group. 


This workshop is donation only and I only have a 7 places available as I wish to keep the group small for this particular workshop


This workshop is Donation only 

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